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"I FINALLY met Britt Nicole face to face January 19, 2017. It was SO life changing!!!! She asked me my name and where I am from. I even got her to sign a t-shirt I bought!!!!!!!!!!   I am SO grateful the Lord answered my prayer!!!!! Britt is SO sweet!!! The guys allowing meet and greets wouldn't allow selfies so I got a pic of her :) "

~*~ Allyson Hill

Yesterday, (November 15, 2016) I met Britt Nicole for the 3rd time!! It was at Winter Jam and I was with my parents, sister, and best friend! We bought the Jam Nation tickets, so we got first dibs on seats. We chose the floor seats! When Britt came out on stage, I couldn't help but dance to every song, but there was a part in one of her songs where she was nodding her head along with the song and I saw her looking at me, so I mimicked her movement, and during the song, she said "I see you!" And pointed at me! That alone was an awesome experience! So when the show was over, my best friend and I went over in line to meet Britt. Soon enough, we got to the front of the line and I was freaking out (like I do every time I meet her!) I went over to her and said "Hi!" The first thing she said to me was, "I remember you!! I saw you in the audience dancing!" It's so awesome to know that she remembered seeing me! Britt also commented on my pink hair: "You probably get this all the time, but I love your hair!" Then she proceeded to sign my iPhone cover and give me a hug. My best friend also showed her some old photos of us from when we met each other for the first time! I will continue to see Britt Nicole shows as long as she keeps touring.

~*~ Ally Nelson

"I saw Britt with my best friend when she was on tour with Hawk Nelson & John Reuben during "The Lost Get Found" era. It was my first time seeing her, and I always imagined her opening the show with "Welcome to the Show," which of course she did. But it was one of the coolest moments! "Headphones" had gotten me through a lot at that time, so I made a sign on a piece of paper with one of the lyrics on it. Looking back, I'm not sure she could actually read it when I held it up during the song, but she made me feel like she did and gave me a thumbs up! The show was amazing, then in line to meet her, a bunch of guys said she could only do one autograph per person. I had drawn her a picture and had a poster, and I really wanted two, and she didn't even hesitate to sign both! She was so sweet. Then she prayed for me and my friend. She didn't know us, but she made it feel so personal! It was one of the best nights of my life.  I do not have the pic cuz I'm away at college and it's on my home computer!! "but it exists! "

~*~ Lily Simmons

"For almost five years I had wanted to meet Britt and see her in concert, I was really
discouraged because Britt wasn't having any concerts near me, the closest one was in
Nashville. I kept praying and I always stayed true to my dream and then when Toby
announce Britt would be at the This is not a test tour I got really excited, that was the first time I had ever seen Britt in concert. I was unable to meet her there so I had to keep praying for another opportunity, which God provided, I realized shortly after This is not a test, Hits Deep was coming to my state also, my mom bought us tickets simply because she didn't want to wait in line for six hours for Winter Jam. I knew this was an chance for me to have my dream come true, I started asking everybody I knew that had met Britt how they did it. I heard a million different things, get there early and wait outside the buses, spam her twitter, everything. I spammed her Instagram comments but nobody ever told me anything, It was two days before the concert in Charlotte, opening night and I didn't think I would get to meet Britt because of not hearing anything. I took matters into my own hands and messaged Britt's personal assistant Victoria and asked if I could have the chance to meet her. I didn't see anything for a day so I guessed it wasn't happening, but then at midnight on 2/20/16 I received a message back from Victoria asking what seats I had and saying that she would try to set something up. I actually snuck into my moms room because I needed to know what seats we were so I snooped through her email and told Victoria. About three hours before the concert Victoria told me she would come find me during Tobymacs set to go meet Britt, I was so excited and the entire time I was just thinking I can't believe this is actually happening. When Victoria came and got me my heart was racing, I didn't know what to say to Britt and I was scared of seeming really weird. But when Britt came out of her Dressing room she immediately was like Hey guys! And she already knew my name and the other two girls names! Britt asked all of us how old we were and what grade we were in and then she asked me where I was from, I told her Davie County, which is right next to her hometown and she said she had been through there before which was really exciting to me! Britt first prayed with the other girls and talked to them for a little while and then came over to me and we started talking, she asked me what I wanted to pursue after high school and she was really excited when I told her I was on the fence between directing and acting. Then a security guard that we hadn't seen came up to Britt and asked "Were you the girl up there singing?" Britt hesitantly said "yeah.." and he was like "gurl you were amazing, I was watching the basketball game and all of the sudden I heard some voice and I was like 'woah whos that'" Britt started lauging and said thank you and he walked away. Then Britt started talking about how she's seen her music impact people and how it's crazy to her that people see God through her music, which in that moment it was like God was helping her ask about my testimony. I told her how in seventh grade I was extremely depressed and I self harmed and I was making a video about it and I found the song 'When She Cries' and I was so impressed by that song I wanted to hear more of her and that was the first time i had ever really heard God. She was really caring and concerned and she asked me how have things been since then and I told her they were constant for a while until I went to the hospital last year. Britt asked me what made me feel like that was my option and I told her because I never felt like anyone loved me. Britt quickly said that she loved me and told me that I was beautiful. Then we prayed and she prayed over me that I would always remember that she cares about me, that God cares about me, and my mom cares about me. I'm so glad I got this opportunity, I wouldn't trade it for the world."
- Bethany

"Hey! My name is Leah Starr, and I'm a crazy Britt Nicole fanatic! She's the sweetest person and my biggest inspiration! On December 11th, 2015 I got to see her in concert on the "This Is Not A Test" tour along with Hollyn, Colton Dixon, and Tobymac. I have a Twitter and Instagram account dedicated just to Britt Nicole, and for about a week before the concert I was constantly posting stuff on there and trying to contact someone so I could meet her in person. On the night of the concert, I didn't think I was going to be able to meet her because no one had responded to me on social media about meeting her.
It was time for Britt Nicole to perform and she was AWESOME!! During one of her new songs "Be The Change" she gave me a shoutout and said "Hey Leah, wherever you are this is for you". I was so shocked that I didn't even know what happened! It was so cool that she mentioned me during her concert!! At the finale of the concert when all the artists came back out, she turned to me and smiled and waved. This made me so happy because she knew who I was and noticed me!! I still didn't think I was going to be able to meet her though, but then my dream came true.  I was looking at the merchandise table and was about to leave the concert when I got a direct message on Instagram from one of her team members. She said "Hey girl are you still at the arena? Trying to find you to meet Britt"... I knew at that moment my dream was going to come true. I went back to the stage and she took me back to meet Britt, and it was the best experience I've ever had! I got to take pictures with her and her dancers, I got her autograph, I got to talk with her for about 10 minutes, and then her and her dancers and the girl who helped me meet her prayed over me. It was a moment that I will never forget! I'm so thankful I had this opportunity and I can't wait until I get to see and meet Britt again!!"
-Leah Starr

On October 25, 2015, I met Britt for the second time. I was going to the ***This is Not a Test Tour*** and the doors opened at 5, but we got there at 2. It was really nice outside so we were walking around, and I had asked my parents if we could walk around to the back to see if we could see the tour buses. So we walked back and there was this huge black fence with black mesh over it. There was a slit in it though so I ran up the steps so I could see in underneath the parking deck. I was trying to see as much as possible and then I see Britt coming out with her husband, Ella, and Adin. I had yelled to my parents I saw Britt, but they didn't believe me so I ran down the steps and as she came out I called out hey to her and she said hey and came over to me. I gave her all the letters fans had written for all 4 artists, and I gave her a canvas with lyrics from her song "Heart of Stone" and then I gave her a canvas with the lyrics "Alone" on it to give to Hollyn. She had said I was the first to make something for her with one of her new songs and she was excited to read the letters. She had asked me what my name was and I told her it was Natalyn. Then she took a picture with me and my sister and then I had asked to get one with just me and her. Afterwards she went on a walk around town and I was in awe of what had just happened. Then during the concert she noticed me almost right away because I was sitting in row F right up against the catwalk. She waved to me and then during other songs she would point at me. At one point she had said she wanted to see everyone up and dancing and I was the only one so she said, "I see you. I see you girl. I see you dancing!" Then as the music for gold came on she said "This one's for you Natalyn!" It was a night I will never forget! :)
~Natalyn 💕

"I met Britt Nicole with my dad like 4 years ago. Her concert was amazing! My sis and mom couldn't come because they were sick so my dad asked Britt Nicole if she could make a little video for them. And she said, "Yes, just wait until all the people in the line went through" and then she made a little video for them saying get better soon and I don't remember what else she said but we still have the video."
 - @_a.l.e.x.i.s___


 I met Britt on September 21, 2014. She was at the Illumination Festival and she wasn't signing autographs. I was in the VIP section and I was walking around and she was on the side of the stage in the grass talking to people and I called her over. She came and signed a canvas I had made with lyrics. She took a picture with me and then she left before anyone else came over. I was the only fan that night who got to meet her. It was an amazing night that I'll never forget.
                                                                   - love_britt_nicole_ 


I met Britt Nicole at Stadium Fest on April 13, 2013. She was pregnant with Ella (I
think about 7 months?). I had been
 watching the show front row (far audience right, far stage left) jumping, dancing, and singing my heart out. After Britt left the stage, they announced a meet and greet at her merch booth. I got in line with my mom and we waited. The security guys were saying that there were only going to be a few more people able to meet her before she had to go. We had a few people ahead of us at the time, but I wasn't worried. We weren't allowed to take "posed" pictures to save time. I got up there, said hi, and handed her my poster to sign. She asked me my name and I said Abby. She said "A-b-b-y?" To make sure she spelled it correctly. I assured her that she did and I was quite impressed that she spelled correctly the first time. "Weren't you the one to my left singing and dancing?" She asked me. I said I was and my mom told her I covered her songs when I performed. Britt grabbed my hand, smiled and said "You shine so bright, babe" I had to leave after that, but I waved goodbye to her; sure that I would never forget that day.

- Abby Miracle


"Meeting Britt Nicole was literally the best day ever and an experience I will never forget. I have gotten to meet her 2 times in my whole life and see her in concert 3 times. The first time I meet her was back in summer of 2011 at Lifest, where she gave me her sunglasses and signed them for me. Then a couple of years later, in 2013, my parents got me tickets to go see her in May just 3 days after my birthday, I was really hoping to meet her again, but then at the time she was 8 months pregnant with Ella so she didn't do any meet and greets that night, but I still really enjoyed the concert and she held my hand that night while signing All This Time. Well one night around the beginning of October 2014, I found out that there was going to be a concert in Louisville, Kentucky and it was about a 3 hour drive from where I live in Ohio, then on top of that they had V.I.P tickets on sale for $25. I begged my parents nonstop until my dad finally agreed to get the Tickets. Since it would be a 3 hour Drive we left early to get there on time. We were believe it or not the first ones there in the whole parking lot so my dad drove us around the building for a while to kill some time, and I got to drive past Britt's tour bus. Then we parked and we were the very first ones in line by the doors. About 10 minutes later other people started to arrive and after about 30 minutes or so they called the V.I.P line to come in. We were the first people to get to meet Britt. Also at this time she was about 24 weeks pregnant for Adin so she was sitting at a table. The first thing I said to her was "Hi Britt I love your music so much you inspire me everyday" She said back, "Thank you so much" and she also told me I "was beautiful inside and out". I told her I had a Fan-page for her called @lovebrittnicole4ever and she said she would definitely have to check it out sometime :) We both hugged each other and took a picture together. (I would have shared that picture but it is on my moms actual camera so I couldn't upload it). So then during the concert I got to stand front row along with my friends Taylor Fletcher and Emma from @143brittnicole we also got a picture together. During the concert I took a bunch of videos and pictures as well and while she was singing Set The World On Fire she held my hand. It was truly a night I will never forget. Thank you for letting me get to share my Experiences with meeting Britt :)
- Jenna York


" I met Britt for the first time in March of last year. It was at Girls Of Grace and was
a birthday present. I'd been wanting to see Britt for SO long, and I was really excited! What I didn't think to dream of, however, was seeing her again just months later. In late September a friend of mine told me that she had heard Britt was coming back to Louisville KY (and VIP tickets were available for an AMAZING price!!), and after a few days I persuaded my dad to take me! And even better, my best friend, who introduced me to Britt's music, was coming too! So fast forward to November 8th, and we were finally at the concert. After waiting for about half an hour or so they let the VIP's in, where my friend and I waited in line to meet Britt for about another 20 minutes, and then finally we got to meet her. Britt was about 26+ weeks pregnant with Adin at the time, so she was sitting at a table. Anyway, I walked up and said hi, and I told her my name and said I had met her at GOG in March, and she said "Oh yeah! I thought you looked familiar!" It was so cool that she remembered me! Then I gave her the canvas I had painted for her (I used her song Headphones for inspiration), and she said she loved it! I told her that I wanted to thank her for everything she had said the last time I saw her, and for encouraging me so much. I went on to tell her about how I'd been struggling for the past year with a lot of unknowns, and that her song "Hanging On" had really helped me get through it. I told her "Somedays I feel like I'm really just hanging on to every little whisper", and I thanked her for believing in me and encouraging me. Then she told me to "listen to those whispers, because God will speak to you through them!" I also told her about how my dream had seemed impossible, but that she had really inspired me to chase after it and that it meant a lot when she had told me that God says I can do the impossible, and when she signed my poster, she wrote "I believe in you!" Both times I've met her she's written that, and it means SO much to me. So then after that we hugged and she said that I'm a princess (I think she said something else too, but honestly I was too excited to remember), which was really cool, and after that was when she signed my poster and we took a picture. We also took a silly selfie, which is my pride and joy of all the selfies on my phone ;) lol! Then during the show she sang Hanging On, which brought me to tears, and she even came over and held my hand for part of the song! And then as she was leading into Gold she borrowed my crown and said "This is my friend Taylor down here in the front row! She comes to my shows, and she's awesome! I love her!" 

I'm extremely thankful that I got to see Britt again. Just before my friend told me about the show, I'd been praying that I could someday have the chance to thank Britt for all she's done for me... And God gave me that chance, and so much more. Meeting Britt both times was so amazing and fun, and God willing I hope to see her again soon! And Britt, if you ever read this, thank you. Even though I've only met you twice I truly consider you to be a friend, and I so appreciate how kind and encouraging you've always been. Your music and your sweet heart mean the world to me ❤️❤️
- Taylor Fletcher 

"I met Britt Nicole on July 31st at the Northwest Creationfest. I got the chance to go to her Q&A in the Youth Oasis. We weren't allowed to take pictures with her in there or even get the chance to speak to her in person. So I went outside to where she was coming out to go backstage for the concert. I got to take a picture with her and she called me beautiful which meant a lot to me. Most of my life I've been bullied. I haven't really had a good life. I started cutting. Then my youth group leader showed me her music and from then on, her music has not only helped me believe more in myself but has helped me to cope without having to cut. Another thing that was amazing is that during the concert she looked right at me and was singing and it was an amazing moment. After the concert my youth group leader told me that she saw that moment and that it amazed her because she had been praying that God would show me something, that he would do something to make me smile, something that would really make me feel better about myself. And Britt calling me beautiful and getting to be front row at her concert and her singing right to me really was like God was speaking to me through her and those moments really did make me feel happy."
-Jenny Landaverde

"If you can say quickly talking to Britt Nicole is meeting her then I met her. I met her at Celebrate Freedom on August 30, 2014. We knew when Britt was singing, but not when she was signing autographs. Right when we got there, we figured out that she was signing autographs right then so we ran to where she was but it was too late... they had cut the line off. I ran to where she was and just watched her smile at everybody and sign autographs. I had also made a bracelet for her with her name that I really wanted to give to her. My mom asked the guy who was standing by her and making sure people wouldn't cut the line if I could give her the bracelet and he let me! I ran up to her and she was signing a poster and said to me, "Is this yours?" I said no, and she asked me my name. I told her it was Lydia and then I gave her the bracelet. She said "Aw thank you sweetie." Then I left and started crying. I was so thankful that I got to see her."
- Lydia Kytle
"I met Britt Nicole on June 27, 2014 at CREATION Fest Northeast. To make a long story short, I was going through some pretty tough times back in 2012. I got the chance to go to a Britt concert (Hits Deep Tour 2012). While she was singing her hit song "GOLD", I asked Jesus into my heart. Since then, I've been praying to meet her. And I finally did! :) I met her behind the stage at Creation and we talked a little bit. It was a moment I'll never, ever forget. I started a fanpage for her on Instagram (@wealllovebrittnicole). Please go follow it! :)" Stay Gold!
-Megan Renee


"About 2 years ago I met Britt for the first time at a meet and greet! She sang "Gold" and "All This Time!" My 2 favorite songs! She also sang a cover of "Home." She looked right at me for some of the song and pointed right at me like I was the only person in the room. We sang together for almost 15 seconds I think. At the end I got to meet her. She told me that we had the same necklace and told me she loved my name. She was the nicest person ever. She made me feel so loved. I can't wait to meet her again! If you ever have the chance to meet her, do it! You won't regret it!"

- Lynnsey


"One night I was sitting on the computer looking at the Britt Nicole tour dates and saw she was coming where I live. I got so excited !! So I  waited and waited and the day finally came! We did worship and shopped around. Then it was lunch time! It went with the VIP experience/ meet and greet.  So I was talking with a speaker and I turned around and she was there! I was smiling and I was so happy!! She finally came to where I was and her manager,Josh, said,"Britt this is @143brittnicole on instagram ." Her face lit up and she was so excited and happy to meet me! She automatically knew my account! I was so stunned but happy. Then she signed my poster, we took pictures,hugged and then she left. Then it was concert time;) She came out on stage, sang for a while,and then, she shouted me out and talked about my instagram for her. I thought I was going to faint! haha!! It was one of the best experiences of my life. She is so kind and sweet-hearted ! I hope to meet her again someday!"

- Emma Johnson

"I had known for about 3 months that I was going to meet Britt, and what made it even better is that it was gonna happen just 4 days after my birthday!! When the big day finally came, I was so excited that by the time they took us back to the VIP lunch/meet and greet session, I could hardly believe what was about to happen. When Britt finally came to the table I was at and walked over to me, she signed my cd and also my VIP poster (I noticed later that she wrote 'I believe in you' on it :)) I gave her some gold sharpies I bought for her and told her about how much her music has inspired, encouraged, and helped me in the past year and a half, and then we hugged for a minute and took a picture. Before she left the room to go to sound check, she told me she would be looking for me on stage! I nearly squealed with excitement! During the concert she mentioned me several times, shared part of my story, grabbed my hand while she was singing "All This Time", and spoke words of encouragement over me a couple of times throughout her set! She also borrowed my crown as she was about to sing Gold :) I'll always remember the day I met Britt Nicole because it was the day I met my role model, my biggest inspiration. And also because not only did I get to meet her, but she really made an effort to spend time with each of us fans, even though she was in a hurry. I got to talk with her for like 3 or 4 minutes, and after meeting her I can honestly say that Britt is so down to earth and so, so sweet! She's not just one of those celebrities that shakes your hand, snaps a picture and signs your poster before sending you on your way. She actually listens to you and will encourage you, and she gives amazing hugs, and she really cares about us fans and loves us like friends! No matter what you think you know about meet and greets, Britt is different. She's real :)"

- Taylor Fletcher

"Britt Nicole is real. As an adult staff member, I was very impressed with her interaction with campers and her relationship with Christ. She stepped out of the box and cancelled studio time to stay at camp because she knew she wasn't finished there. I spent two years at camp with Britt.  The first year no one really knew who she was. The second camp, a couple years later, everyone knew, Brittany hadn't changed. Bravo Britt and congratulations on your new beautiful baby." 

- Jane Robison

"I met her at Soma Summer Camp before her first CD dropped. She was amazing and even after her CD did drop and [she] became big, the next two years I was there she was completely free for us and didn't ask for a dime. She is amazing and I love her music. Conversations with her were also amazing and she is so much fun to be around. One morning we had an amazing service at camp and she was really tired so she didn't come that next morning she heard about it and wrote us a special song about waking up. She's truly an amazing person."

-Tálor Eclebery 


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