Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"This is Not a Test" Tour Will Kickoff Tomorrow

Nicgolds everywhere are rejoicing! Toby Mac's "This is Not a Test" tour kicks off tomorrow! What does that mean, you ask? It means that Britt Nicole is back on the road performing... along with NEW MUSIC! Can you handle it? :) Who's going to the show in Tennessee tomorrow? Comment below!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

"This Is Not a Test" Tour Kickoff & NEW Britt Nicole Music

Toby Mac's "This is Not a Test" tour kicks off ONE WEEK from today! He will be joined by Britt Nicole, Colton Dixon, and HollyN. Not only can we look forward to a fantastic show & line-up of artists, but we can also look forward to hearing NEW BRITT NICOLE music! Britt Nicole and her husband have both mentioned that Britt will be performing new material for this tour. It has been over 3 years since the original "Gold" album was released. Fans around the globe are anxious for new Britt Nicole music, and it is a relief to know that we are only 7 days away! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Britt Nicole Rehearsing Tonight

Britt Nicole's first show of the "This is Not a Test" tour is only 8 days away! Britt posted this photo of her warming up tonight before her rehearsal. I am thinking that she will be doing some more dancing on this tour! YES! :)

27 New Britt Nicole Tour Dates Added

Alright West Coasters (and everyone else)... in case you haven't heard, Britt Nicole will be joining the Hits Deep 2016 tour this spring and is headed near YOU! Head to our "Tour" page to see when and where she will be!

Will YOU be going to her show? I WILL! Britt Nicole twice in one year? YES PLEASE! :)

Britt Nicole Announces Hits Deep Tour 2016

Can't make it to a "This is Not a Test" show this fall? You're in luck! Britt Nicole made an announcement earlier this week that she will be joining the 2016 Hits Deep Tour this spring. She will be joining Toby Mac, Building 429, Colton Dixon, Capital Kings, Finding Favour, and HollyN. We will definitely be going to a show! Seeing Britt Nicole twice in one year?  YES PLEASE! :)

Not sure if she is coming to your area? Check out our "Tour" page to find out what date and state she will be in near YOU! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

New "Gold" Bundle

Have you been waiting to purchase some of your favorite Britt Nicole items? Don't miss out on this NEW OFFER! Britt Nicole has grouped a bunch of her popular store items into one big "Gold Bundle." Hurry over to to take advantage of this awesome package! :)

Possible New Britt Nicole Song Title: Be the Change

Britt Nicole's husband Josh posted this tour sneak peek today. You can see Holiday, The Lost Get Found, Watch Me Whip, and a NEW SONG TITLE... Be the Change! Could this be a new track from her upcoming album? We shall see! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Britt Nicole Is Out and About in L.A.

As Britt Nicole continues to prepare and rehearse for her upcoming "This is Not a Test" tour, she has also been having fun hanging out with her two friends (and dancers) Jeff and Laney. In fact, they were having so much fun that they were freaking their driver out a bit in the video below! :) Haha!

A video posted by Britt Nicole (@itsbrittnicole) on

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sneak Peek into Britt Nicole's Tour Rehearsals

Good morning, Nicgolds! Last night, Britt Nicole gave us a sneak peek into her "This is Not a Test" tour rehearsals in Los Angeles. According to her husband, who got to watch her perform some new choreography, we "are in for a huge treat!" I am SO excited because it looks like Britt Nicole will be doing some more dancing herself on this tour. With her dance background, it will be AMAZING to see! :) WOOHOO! Y'all ready?! 

 "Having a lot of fun in rehearsal" - Britt Nicole
 "Pretty" - Britt Nicole
"So much fun!!!"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Britt Nicole's New Song Reportedly Titled "Better"

One of Britt Nicole's fans shared a photo of them meeting Britt Nicole at the Meet and Greet at her Valencia, CA show last night. According to this fan, Britt Nicole shared that she has a new song coming out called "Better." We can't WAIT to hear it! :) Are y'all excited?

Britt Nicole Performs in Valencia, CA (Photos & Videos)

Last night, Britt Nicole performed at the Hallelujah Jubilee at Six Flags in Valencia, CA. She hit the stage around 8 p.m. (PST). Check out the photos and videos captured by fans below! :)


 "We are here! :) Six flags Valencia show at 8!!! are you coming?" - Britt Nicole
Meet and Greet

"2nd concert of the night Brit Nicole! #SixFlags #BrittNicole #HopeintheCity #hallelujahJubilee" @livinghope_youth

 "Saw Britt Nicole tonight" #brittnicole #6flags" - @akwardhugs

 "Good day at Six Flags for Hallelujah Jubilee! Got to see Jonathan Thulin and Britt Nicole! #sixflags #hallelujahjubilee #aliveyouthncc" - @alive_eph23

"@itsbrittnicole thanks for an awesome first concert for my little boy tonight. #God bless! " - @brentobillo
"Got my shoe signed by everyone to day was a blessing i love all u guys omg britt Nicole i love u so much u made me cry it was a grate night today. @itsbrittnicole @elizabethrchan @jonathanthulin @nateshead @abattle216" - @____CRISTEL____

"It was a blessing today ilysm Britt Nicole you made me cry and made my night i hope i get to see u again soon and thanks for signing my shoe. @itsbrittnicole  #9.12.15" - @____CRISTEL____

"I love you too much....I won't forget about you never @itsbrittnicole" - @his.precious.cristal

"Thanks for sing my hand....ik you saw my scars....idk how you feel I felt happy today because I got to see you I want to cry in front of you...I can believe you knows me you said my name when you where sing that made me cry I was speechless I was like omg..... and that special song for me I love you britt @itsbrittnicole" - @his.precious.cristal

"@itsbrittnicole Today was the best day and a blessing Okay I was three rows up from the front I was also next to you but I was like I need to go to the so I told the girl if I could be there and she said yes.... OK then you were talk and you look at me I will never forget what you told me... you say you right there and I was like me and you can close to me I was to cry omg you told me this next song is special to you britt I will never forget get about you and I hope you don't forget about me" - Britt Nicole

"I just love you so much @itsbrittnicole" - @his.precious.cristal

"@itsbrittnicole nice meeting you tonight! You rocked it out & can't wait for the new song "Better"! :) #brittnicole " - @MrDakotaTJones


A video posted by Templeton Pres. Youth (@templeton_youth) on

A video posted by Templeton Pres. Youth (@templeton_youth) on

A video posted by Templeton Pres. Youth (@templeton_youth) on

A video posted by Erik Barr (@hyperspd1) on

A video posted by joshua kouyoumdjian (@joshua.kayy) on
It was also Britt Nicole's drummer Aaron Battle's birthday, so they sang to him before hitting the stage! :)

@itsbrittnicole @itsbrittnicole @itsbrittnicole I love you so much I love this song....

A video posted by 💕 Britt Nicole 😘 (@his.precious.cristal) on

Birtt thanks for making me cry I need this I need to let everything at and I did thanks @itsbrittnicole

A video posted by 💕 Britt Nicole 😘 (@his.precious.cristal) on

@ilovechristianmusic because she wants to see the video @itsbrittnicole

A video posted by 💕 Britt Nicole 😘 (@his.precious.cristal) on

A video posted by Britt Nicole (@itsbrittnicole) on

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Britt Nicole Shares Tour Packing Essentials

Ever wondered what Britt Nicole's tour packing must haves are? With her show tonight in California, Britt Nicole took to Twitter to share her travel must-haves (see above)! What are YOUR traveling must-haves? Comment below!

Britt Nicole to Perform in Valencia, CA Today

Britt Nicole will be performing at Six Flags in Valencia, CA today. This will be her last performance before the "This is Not a Test" tour kicks off on October 1st! Will YOU be there tonight? Post your photos & videos, and make sure to tag us! We would love to share them on our website! :)

Britt Nicole Shares Two More Fashion Posts

For those of you who have been wanting to dress like Britt Nicole, you're in luck! A couple of days ago she revealed two more of her outfits and included where she purchased each item of clothing. Check them out below!

 Latergram, Sunday church vibes :). 

Shirt - @forever21 
Jeans - @forever21 
Jacket - @gstarraw 
Shoes - @tjmaxx 
Purse - @jimmychoo

 "Thank you @scarletandgoldshop for my new phone case and for all the goodies you sent!!!! Everyone go check them out right now!!!!!" - Britt Nicole

Comfy studio vibes 

Beanie - @havenstyle 
Shirt - @anthropologie 
Pants - @forever21 
Shoes - @forever21 
Phone case - @scarletandgoldshop

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

If You're Happy and You Know It...

Britt Nicole posted this adorable video late last night of Adin & Ella grooving to "If You're Happy and You Know It" as Britt sings it. Check the video out below! :)

A video posted by Britt Nicole (@itsbrittnicole) on

Britt Nicole Designing "This is Not a Test" Tour Experience

Britt Nicole is hard at work not only recording her new album, but she is also working on designing and creating an "experience" for her fans for the "This is Not a Test" tour! No doubt, she is working on her stage set-up, setlist, special effects, and videos. We cannot wait to see what she will come up with this fall! :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Britt Nicole Posts Video from the Studio

Today Britt Nicole is in the studio working on yet another new song for her upcoming album. She took some time in between takes to record a short video for her fans! Check it out below! Are YOU excited? :)
A video posted by Britt Nicole (@itsbrittnicole) on

Britt Nicole Shares Her Outfit of the Day

We all know that Britt Nicole has a GREAT sense of style when it comes to fashion. Many fans have been eager to find out where certain pieces from her outfits are from or where she likes to shop for her clothes. Wonder no more! Britt Nicole posted the photo above along with where she purchased each item of clothing. 

Can't get enough? She plans on doing posts like this more regularly, saying: "I thought I would start posting wear I get some of my clothes, because some of you have been asking!!! :)" Get shopping, Nicgolds! :)

Dress: Haven Style
Hat: her stylist purchased it in NY
Shoes: TJMaxx
Tank: Free People

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One Month Until Tour Kick-Off

One month from today, Toby Mac's "This is Not a Test" tour featuring Britt Nicole, Colton Dixon, and Holly N will kick off! We will be at an October show & cannot wait to see these amazing artists glorify God! What show will you be attending?