Sunday, June 28, 2015


Credit: @tiffanythurston

For the second day of Bloom 2015, attendees experienced more worship,  belly laughs, and deep conversations about life, love, and faith. Britt Nicole appeared today on a panel with these amazing ladies. The girls attending the conference were able to comment or send these ladies a tweet for them to answer on the panel. I can only imagine the wisdom that all attending the conference gained from these faithful women of God.

Credit: @ilovebloom

Later in the evening, Britt Nicole returned for another concert! Remember that video of her and her team discussing that Hawaii likes reggae? Well, she even did a reggae style of "Hanging On!" :) Check out photos and videos below! 


The amazing leaders of BLOOM!

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Saturday, June 27, 2015



Well, Bloom 2015: Day One was a success! Can I just say that y'all posted some AMAZING photos and videos of our girl? From Nicgolds everywhere who couldn't make it, THANK YOU! :)

Check out photos and videos of Britt Nicole's performance below:





A video posted by Rayna Duenas (@sw33tlilik0i) on

A video posted by Rayna Duenas (@sw33tlilik0i) on

Keep the photos and videos coming! You can tag us (@Brittnicoleglow) or e-mail us at! :) Thanks!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Britt Nicole Arrives in Honolulu, Hawaii for BLOOM

Britt Nicole, her family, and team have arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii for the BLOOM Conference that will take place today, June 26th, and tomorrow, June 27th. Britt Nicole will be performing an acoustic set for the women of the conference. I am sure she will also share some words of encouragement and wisdom as always. :)

Before arriving in Honolulu, the Crosby family & team had to endure a LONG day of travel. They left at 3:00 a.m. and arrived in Hawaii in the late evening! As you can see in the photo above, Ella was VERY happy to finally be in Hawaii!

The Crosby family (minus Adin) also took a photo to capture their excitement for the Bloom Conference! As you can see, Ella can hardly contain her excitement! ;)

The team also took a moment to photograph their arrival in Hawaii. Love this group! Missing Laney & Jeff, though! :(

"Hmmmmm.... I think I'm gonna like it here," says Adin. ;)

We are looking forward to what the next two days will bring for Britt Nicole & her team. It is SO GOOD to see her back on the road and singing! :) Are you going to BLOOM? Comment below if you are! 

If you are attending BLOOM, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take lots of photos and videos of our girl Britt! :) Thanks!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Britt Nicole Records Behind the Scenes Studio Footage

Last night, Britt Nicole announced that she recorded some behind the scenes footage of her recording in the studio! She did not say when this footage will be released, but we are guessing it won't be too long! :) We have been asking for another behind the scenes video for a long time, and we cannot WAIT to see it! :) Are you excited?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Britt Nicole Posts New Video of Band Rehearsal

              That's right, Nicgolds! You are in luck! Britt Nicole shared a VIDEO of her and her band rehearsing her acoustic set for her upcoming Bloom concert in Hawaii! Check out the awesome sneak peek below! :)

 "Rehearsing for our acoustic set in HAWAII :) @ilovebloom we are coming for you! #robyourcreepy ;) #sohappytobesingingagain #blondehair #bye" - Britt Nicole

Will you be going to BLOOM? Comment below!

Happy Father's Day! (NEW PHOTOS)

We here at GLOW wanted to take the time to wish a happy Father's Day to Josh! Josh, we pray that God will continue to guide you as you lead your family. May you be blessed in every way and may you continue to grow as a spiritual leader for your beautiful wife and kids! :) 

It has been a wonderful day of celebration for the Crosby family. They took some time to post their sentiments and some sweet photos on their Instagrams. Check out their posts below! :)

Britt posted the above picture after quickly removing the top picture, saying:
"I wanted a new picture ha ha! So just took this one :) HAPPY FATHERS DAY BOO!!!! we love you sooo much!!!!! Your a wonderful daddy!" - Britt Nicole

She also posted a photo & note of thanks to her dad, Marty!

"Happy Father's Day dad! :) I love you!" - Britt Nicole


However, Josh wasn't the only one receiving some Father's Day love. He took some time to write a sweet little note about his lovely wife. Check it out below! :)

"I know it’s Father’s Day but this girl has encouraged me and loved me into the father I am! I love you @itsbrittnicole your my everything! Thank you for always being my “partner in crime”." - Joshua Crosby


Britt & Josh ended their Father's Day celebration with what they call "the best pizza in town"... Desano's! :)

"Love this! @itsbrittnicole and I out for Father's Day getting the best pizza in town! Desano's!" - Joshua Crosby

We are so thankful for this beautiful family & pray God's greatest blessings on them!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Britt Nicole Contest!

Britt Nicole just announced that she will be having a new contest! She will be giving away these AWESOME workout accessories PLUS a signed copy of "The Remixes."

"I love hearing about how y'all are staying active this summer! To give you a little more motivation, I'm giving away these workout accessories plus a signed copy of THE REMIXES to a lucky winner." - Britt Nicole

How do you enter to win?
1. Visit her Facebook page & click on the picture above. 
2. Comment the name of your favorite song from "The Remixes" . 

That's it! Winner will be announced on Friday afternoon! GOOD LUCK!

Britt Nicole Posts Photo of Her New Blonde Hair

For those of you who have been eagerly anticipating another photo of Britt Nicole's new blonde hair, you're in luck! :) She posted the above photo on Instagram and captioned it with:

"Thanks for the new hair @hannah_del_raye :) #selfiesareweird #butiwantedtoshowoffmynewhair #haha :) hope yall are having a great day!"

We love her new hair color! It's definitely different, but equally beautiful! :) Also, are her hashtags on point or what? Haha! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thank You, Josh!

Britt Nicole's manager Josh announced today that he will be embarking on a new journey to pursue independent radio promotion! I am so thankful for everything that he has done to promote Britt and her career over the years! Josh, thank you for being so great to the fans... you are the nicest manager that I have ever known. Thank you for making us fans feel special! God has given you an AMAZING talent not only to relate to people, but to succeed in all areas! You are so relational and kind!

I will greatly miss having you as Britt's manager (I was really hoping to meet you on this next tour), but I am excited for this new journey that you will be on! Congratulations and best of luck! We will be praying for you as you pursue this new avenue! THANK YOU again for all that you have done! May God continue to bless you!

Monday, June 15, 2015


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for all of your support over these past almost 2 years! GLOW has reached over 70,000 views thanks to your support!

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Britt Nicole & Ella Brave Enjoy a Pedicure

Britt Nicole & her daughter Ella enjoyed a pedicure today. She shared this cute snapshot of their mother-daughter time and captioned the photo by saying:

"Not the most relaxing pedicure but def the most fun and memorable! :) ha ha, I love my girl! :)"

 I'd imagine it was like holding an octopus! Haha! But seriously though, I love this photo & am glad that they were able to spend some time together. :)

P.S. Don't you love Britt Nicole's new blonde hair? So beautiful! :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

New Meet and Greet Fan Submission!

A new Meet and Greet story submission has been posted in our Meet and Greet section!  @_love_britt_nicole_ was kind enough to submit her experience meeting Britt Nicole! Click HERE to read it!

Want to submit your own story? 

1. A picture with you and her (if you have one) 
2. Date of when you met her.
3. Your story. 
4. Let others know about your experience and our website so that they can submit theirs too :-)

E-mail it to

Have You Met Britt Nicole? Send Us Your Meet & Greet Story!

Have you met Britt Nicole? Send us an e-mail about your experience, and we will post it on our Meet and Greet page. :)

1. A picture with you and her (if you have one)  
2. Date of when you met her. 
3. Your story.  
4. Let others know about your experience and our website so that they can submit theirs too :-)  

E-mail it to

Want to read other fan stories about meeting Britt Nicole? Click HERE.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Britt Nicole Goes Blonde!

That's right, Nicgolds! Britt Nicole has decided to switch it up and go completely BLONDE! Earlier this afternoon she visited her mother's hair salon (Greystone Salon & Spa) in North Carolina. 

She captioned the above photo by saying:

"I got 3 people working on my hair ha ha !!! #tripleteam @greystonesalonandspa , this is my moms spa and its awesome! .... , she has done an amazing job here! If your ever in Salisbury NC make sure you come here!" - Britt Nicole

The final product? Check out her beautiful blonde locks in the picture below on the far left! :)

Now Britt and her mom will REALLY look like twins! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

K-Love Fan Awards 2015

Hello, Nicgolds! I apologize for the delayed post. I was unable to watch the K-Love Fan Awards this year because I was on vacation.  :( Unfortunately I was unable to capture any interviews or videos like I usually do, which I am pretty bummed about.

I have been searching the internet for videos and photos, but unfortunately this year Britt seemed to lay more low than last year. I have posted everything that I have found regarding Britt Nicole's appearance at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. Enjoy! :)

*If you have any photos/videos to add, please send them to us at Thanks!*

Britt Nicole surprised everyone with a special appearance to present the award for "Best Live Show" to For King & Country. :) 
(There were so many reposts of this photo that I am unsure who the original poster was. If it was you, let me know and I will happily give you credit! :))

Pablovillatoro posted this photo of Blanca (@officialblanca) and Britt Nicole (@itsbrittnicole) saying:

 "The world isn't ready for these two!! Blessed to call them fam! @officialblanca @itsbrittnicole #KLOVEFanAwards"

You might have recognized Britt Nicole's dress this year... it just might be the same dress that she wore during her photo shoot for the original Gold album! :)

Britt Nicole took the time to take a photo with her friend Blanca, saying: "Tonight was so fun! Loved seeing my girl @officialblanca!"

This lucky fan (@jaspersong2song) got to meet Britt Nicole at the K-LOVE Fan Awards! 
He said,  "Meeting this lady was just one of the many highlights of the #klovefanawards. She was super approachable and friendly. It was surreal to get to hear a little of her heart and get some encouragement.The one and only Miss @itsbrittnicole. #wcw #gold"

@kensyk posted this awesome video which features Britt Nicole announcing "For King & Country" as the winner of "Best Live Show." :)

What was YOUR favorite part of the K-LOVE Fan Awards?

Monday, June 1, 2015

"This is Not a Test" Tour Tickets on Sale

That's right, Nicgolds! Many of the venues that will house Toby Mac's "This is Not a Test" tour opened their ticket sales TODAY. Not all of the venues have begun ticket sales, but the majority have! Check your venue for the latest information on how and when to purchase your tickets. We bought ours already! This will be an epic show with Toby Mac, Britt Nicole, Colton Dixon, and HollyN. DON'T MISS OUT! Did you buy your tickets yet?