Sunday, June 29, 2014

Britt Nicole: Freedom Fest 2014 (OFFICIAL POST)

Britt Nicole will be performing the third stop of her summer tour tonight at Freedom Fest. The event runs from Noon - 9:30 p.m. It will feature great food, fun, music, and, to top it off, FIREWORKS!

The music line-up for tonight is listed below:

Matthew West
Britt Nicole
For King & Country
City Harmonic
Josh Wilson
All Things New
Love & The Outcome
Joanna Beasley
Bryan Watt (American Idol)
CC Worship
Austin Adamec
Abigail Duhon

Britt Nicole's team has been working hard. 3 festivals in 3 days plus long flights = an extremely tired Britt Nicole Band! In case you are wondering, Britt Nicole is in the top right photo leaning on the airplane tray table sleeping. :)

Credit: @c_gat

 Credit: @iwasnttolkientoyou

 Credit: @tseilhamer
Credit: @thebriannagarrett

Credit: @minerva0923
Credit: @imheatherw
 Credit: @c_gat
Credit: @c_gat

Britt with a fan backstage.
Credit: @baptistness
Britt Nicole backstage with Joanna Beasley & a security guard
Credit: @bigdaddypedals


After the concert, Britt Nicole was scheduled to do a Meet & Greet. Unfortunately, 3 days and 3 festivals + the Florida heat wore her body down. She got sick & overheated after her concert. Please join us in praying that she will feel much better soon! We are so thankful for all of the Kingdom work that she does! :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Britt Nicole at Celebrate Freedom (OFFICIAL POST)

I LOVE this shot of Britt Nicole & an extremely grateful fan! This picture is SO adorable & Britt looks SO gorgeous! I love her hair! 
Credit: @leahgracemac

Credit: @adrianne021694
"I got to meet her in person than watch her perform live and i gotta say Britt Nicole is my hero!! #BrittNicole. #celebratefreedon2014"
Credit: @emily_rae1598


"The beautiful @itsbrittnicole! Definitely tore it up tonight! I was told I wouldn't get to meet her, but God is faithful and answers His children's prayers. It wasn't a huge deal to me, but it was amazing to just get the chance. And to see her up close! It was the song "set the world on fire" that stirred up something in my heart to actually set the world on fire. #celebratefreedom2014 #klty24 #blessing #shesgorgeous"
Credit: @courttag

Credit: @awkward_kenz
Credit: @awkward_kenz 
Britt Nicole performing "The Lost Get Found"
Credit: @nedraiam

Britt Nicole - All This Time
Credit: @nadraiam

A backstage view of Britt & her dancers Jeff & Laney! :)

Britt Nicole with @audreynichole

Backstage shot of the Britt Nicole stage! :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Britt Nicole at Creation Fest 2014 (OFFICIAL POST)

Britt Nicole will be performing at Creation Fest tonight. She will be on the Main Stage from 5:50-6:35 p.m. 

Here it is! The first shot of Britt Nicole at Creation Fest. She is getting ready to hit the stage soon! :) Credit: @dglunt34

 Britt Nicole performing Ready or Not! 
Credit: @antessm13

Credit: @antessm13

Ready or Not Credit: @theeverydayjoys

Ready or Not 
Credit: @elliotc6

 Credit: @cjweidman

 Credit: @cjweidman
Credit: @cjweidman

Credit: @ehawkes92 

Britt performing Amazing Life
Credit: @laineey96

Credit: @wealllovebrittnicole

 Credit: @philmobass

 Credit: @crystal4911

 Britt with some fans backstage.  
Credit: @laura20v
Britt Nicole with another fan.
Credit: @alexcolossus
"So for anyone that knows me, also knows that I adore Britt Nicole. I cannot believe God had blessed my day so much to be able to meet my idol. MY IDOL. I can't explain how happy, I am. My face looks awkward in this because as she walked up to me I was balling my eyes out... And then as soon as I calmed down she looked at me have me a hug and told me "Tamika, don't you cry. I believe in you. Everything you do I believe in. And you are such a beautiful girl, don't, you are and I want you to dream big okay?". And then after that I cried more and took a picture. And then called my mom crying to tell her what had happened. I still can't calm down. Tbh, I'm sure britt won't really remember this moment, but I know I will, and everything that she had told me. God works in magical ways. Today absolutely amazing. @itsbrittnicole thank you so much. #idol #brittnicole #jesusloves" 
Credit: @tumeekuh 

"Me and @itsbrittnicole again before her show! I just have to say she is gorgeous! #brittnicole #gorgeous #creation #creationfest2014 #creationfest #creation2014" 
Credit: @dglunt34

"This super busy woman made time to take a picture with me. Not only does she have hoppin' music that @heatherseet @kristen__allen and I love, she's also super sweet and kind. Thanks @itsbrittnicole #creation #creationfest #brittnicole" 
Credit: @toria_loves
"Just made a crazy decision to go out by the gates and Britt Nicole was there she's so sweet and incredible #CreationFest #brittnicole #selfie"
Credit: @jourdannh


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ella Brave Takes Her First Steps

That's right, Nicgolds! Today, June 24th, little miss Ella Brave took her very first steps! She is growing into such a wonderful, little girl! Britt Nicole summed it up perfectly in her post today on Instagram (see below.) Congratulations Josh, Britt, & ESPECIALLY Ella! :) God is going to do GREAT things through that little girl!

"My princess took her first steps today! I was beaming with pride and joy! Oh the joys of being Ella's mommy! She's so smart and brave! I can't wait to see how she impacts this world! :) yah!!!!! Go Ella!!!! Mommys proud of you!"- Britt Nicole

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Faith, Family, Freedom: Concord, NC (Official Post)

Britt Nicole will be performing at the Charlotte Motor Speedway tonight at 6:00 p.m. for the 2nd stop of her summer tour. She will be on the ZMAX Dragway. 


Below you can see the band on the tour bus heading to North Carolina. :) Sounds like they were having a great time!

Here you can see a couple of shots as they set up the stage for tonight's performance. Also performing will be: Matthew West, Hawk Nelson, and For King & Country. :)

 Photo credit: @parkerbwebb
  Photo credit: @parkerbwebb
  Photo credit: @parkerbwebb

Britt's band has arrived at the venue. Here you can see Aaron & Phil! Credit: @philmobass
Britt Nicole meeting with fans before the show tonight. Credit: @thejeffcruz
 I LOVE her outfit for Ready or Not!  
Credit: @sunnypoopoo
Another shot of Britt performing Ready or Not  
Credit: @tenneygirl 

Britt performing "Look Like Love."
Credit: @tenneygirl
Love her all white ensemble! 
Credit: @rebeccakpeterson
A close-up! Credit: @porchashley 

Britt Nicole performing "Look Like Love." 
Credit: @mariposapixs 
Credit: @onethreechickpea
 Credit: @kennyholton
Britt performing "Stand." 
 Credit: @bigcountry1018
 Credit: @anaik92
 Credit: @porchashley

Britt performing "Gold." 
Credit: @iam_cheenita
Credit: @nopark19
 Credit: @mpressonu
We LOVE these photos! :)
 Credit: forever_alive_

 Credit: forever_alive_

 Credit: @mpressonu
 Credit: @mpressonu

 Credit: @mpressonu
 Credit: @highashley
Credit: @highashley
Credit: @heislegendchic