Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Britt Nicole Featured in NEW Song

A new song featuring Britt Nicole was released today. She is featured on a song called "Can You Hold Me?" on the extremely talented rapper NF's new album "Mansions." Listen to the full song below and make sure to BUY THIS ALBUM! :)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Britt Nicole Performing at The Well

 Credit: @rachaelmannmusic & @stephaniepeery

Britt Nicole performed at The Well in Brentwood, TN tonight for her friend Bethany's "The Color of Grace" Book Launch. A couple of lucky fans went and were kind enough to post photos & videos of the event! Check them out below! :)

Credit: @stephaniepeery
Credit: @itsaleanicole

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Britt Nicole: In the Studio Update PLUS New Song Preview

Britt Nicole was back in the studio today, but this time, she asked some lovely ladies to help her lay down some sweet vocals. According to her husband Josh, these special vocals were for her "next anthem" song. Check out a special sneak peek of this new song below. Don't forget to enjoy Britt's silly face at the end! :)

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Britt Nicole Arrives at the Studio

Britt Nicole just arrived to the studio tonight, y'all! We are praying for God to bless their time in the studio tonight. We can't WAIT to hear this new music! Check out the video her husband posted below:

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Britt Nicole: Studio Production Update

Britt Nicole's husband and his crew are in the studio recording "claps, tambourines, and all kinds of crazy!" for the new Britt Nicole studio album. He gave us a peek at their antics below! :)

Britt Nicole & Her Team In the Studio Today

Britt Nicole's husband Josh gave us an update today letting us know that they are continuing to work on new Britt Nicole music... even today! He also said to stay tuned all day... could there be an announcement coming? :)


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gold Album Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Three years ago today, Britt Nicole fans all over the world were purchasing the original Gold album. That's right! It has ALREADY been three years since this sweet original masterpiece was released! We are so thankful for all of the hard work that Britt Nicole and her team put into this record! Happy 3rd birthday, Gold!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Britt Nicole & Ella Brave

Britt Nicole posted this photo today on Instagram, captioning it: 

"These are the moments I live for! :)"

Britt Nicole is such a wonderful mother to her two children and a fantastic wife to her husband, Josh. May God continue to bless this beautiful family!

Britt Nicole K-LOVE Fan Awards Backstage Interview

Recently, we stumbled upon this old Britt Nicole interview. It's from the 2014 K-LOVE Fan Awards. :) In this backstage interview, Britt Nicole talks about her Female Artist of the Year nomination, touring, her fans, and Ella! Check out the video below! Enjoy!

Credit: Crossroads360

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Britt Nicole to Sing at Local Book Signing

Do you live in the area of Brentwood, TN? GOOD NEWS! Britt Nicole will be singing at a book signing for "The Color of Grace" by Bethany Haley Williams, who is the founder of Exile International. Britt Nicole went with Bethany and a group from Exile International to care for and provide counseling for rescued child soldiers in Uganda a few years ago. She will be singing at this book signing on March 29th at The Well in Brentwood, TN from 6-8 PM. Take photos and videos if you are going! We would love to post them! :)

Write a Review of "The Remixes"

Hello, Nicgolds! Have you bought or listened to "The Remixes" album in its entirety? We, along with Britt Nicole, are asking you to leave your review of the album on iTunes! It doesn't have to be long... just explain what you think of the album, what your favorite song(s) were, etc. :) Leave a comment below if you left a review! Thank you so much for being such great fans!

New Details Emerge on Britt Nicole's Duet with Rapper NF

Happy Saturday, Nicgolds! I have an exciting update for you on Britt Nicole's "Can You Hold Me" duet with rapper NF. Over a month ago, we learned that Britt Nicole will be featured on NF's new album Mansions (to be released March 31). Today we are bringing you a quote from a track-by-track album review written by Reel-Gospel. Check it out below:

"Our tour concludes on Can You Hold Me, a super sweet duet between NF and Britt Nicole. It’s a big orchestral ballad to wrap things up, and both sing so well. Pounding drums aid the build, and NF sings, ‘If I ain’t got you, I’m lonely… I need you.’ NF struggles to get out of his mansion, but he knows that God is the only thing that can help him do it. And it’s clear that whether the walls are crumbling, or stockpiled with sin, NF is still working through all this and is super bold to share it with us listeners."

Are you excited for this new song featuring Britt Nicole? I am! :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Best Places to Dance to Britt Nicole's "The Remixes"

Hearitfirst.com published an AWESOME article about Britt Nicole's new album "The Remixes." They came up with 5 of the best places to enjoy Britt Nicole's new CD. Check out the article below! :)

"Britt Nicole’s newest album THE REMIXES was just released and I’m excited to crank up these upbeat tracks. These are great to jam to and bring some fun into your day! The album features 12 songs that have been remade to bring you a new experience with some of your favorite songs. Check out the new album here: http://smarturl.it/BrittRemixes?IQid=HIF
Here are the five best places to dance to Britt Nicole’s THE REMIXES.

5. At Work: “Holiday”

Can’t wait for your vacation? Treat yourself to this song as you work away. Who cares if you are bopping your head and dancing through the office. You may feel like you are going crazy at work, but you can take a little break and kick back with an extra cup of coffee.

4. At the Gym or Playing Sports: “Amazing Life”

Looking for a great song to get you pumped up as you conquer the weights? Blast this in your headphones (or be brave and crank it up through the speaker system). Let this beat flow through your veins. You are “gonna walk on air, gonna take flight” with each push up, lunge, squat and rep you do.

3. In the Car: “Ready Or Not”

Ready or not world, here you come! I give you permission to block out the car next to you and sing as loud as your off tune voice will go. Don’t mind your kids or friends laughing at you. Ready. Set. Go! Make the most of a cross-country road trip as these awesome lyrics flow through you.

2. In the Kitchen: “Gold Remix”

You finally have a day off and are drawn to the kitchen! Cook up a royal feast for breakfast and continue on prepping a mouth-watering lunch and don’t forget dessert. Ah, the sounds and smells of cooking renew your spirit and let the stress from work fly away. Your masterpiece five-layer chocolate cake is complete. The daunting task of cleaning the kitchen comes next, but it’s not as challenging when you are sweeping, wiping and filling the dishwasher to the beat of the “Gold Remix”. Everyone knows that kitchen floors make the best dance floors!

1. At the Beach: “Set the World On Fire”

Going to a beach party? You have to let loose when you are jammin’ to “Set the World on Fire,” so start dancing around the bonfire, pass out glow sticks and start twirling them around! Throw them high as though your dreams are soaring above you. Remember that your dreams can become reality, so dance and let go of your fears as you race across the beach."

This is How Ella Brave Listens to #THEREMIXES

Britt Nicole posted a video of her daughter Ella Brave listening to her new album "The Remixes." She also revealed more details about her Meet & Greet contest. Check out the video & details below! :)

1. Make a YouTube video using your favorite song from the album and title it "This is how I listen to Britt Nicole's #THEREMIXES. Your video can be anywhere from 15 seconds to a full song. 
2. Post it to Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram (whatever socials you have) using the hashtag #THEREMIXES. 
3. All videos must be posted by APRIL 4th. That gives you TWO WEEKS to make your best video. 
4. The person with the most creative and fun video will win a special meet and greet with Britt Nicole at a show and a personalized gift! The person with the most views will win a personalized gift from Britt! Anyone can play, any country! Post from your car, the gym, your kitchen, it doesn't matter. JUST HAVE FUN!

This is how I listen to Britt Nicole's THE REMIXES. #THEREMIXES. Ella's favorite song on the new record is Holiday! One because she loves the beat, two because her dada produced it!:) My Princess can dance! So if you wanna be in this contest... 1. Make a YouTube video using your favorite song from the album and title it "This is how I listen to Britt Nicole's THE REMIXES. #THEREMIXES (video can be anywhere from 15 seconds to a full song) 2. Post it to twitter, Facebook, Instagram (whatever socials you have) using the hashtag #THEREMIXES. 3. All videos must be posted by April 4th:) That gives you two weeks to make your best video. 4. The person with the most creative and fun video will win a special meet and greet with me at a show and a personalized gift! The person with the most views will win a personalized gift from me!:) Anyone can play, any country! Post from your car, the gym, your kitchen, it doesn't matter, JUST HAVE FUN !
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WIN A MEET & GREET: "The Remixes" Contest & Rules

Britt Nicole just announced the rules for her "The Remixes" contest. Check out the rules and video below! :) What are you waiting for? Enter NOW!

1. Make a YouTube video using your favorite song from the album and title it "This is how I listen to Britt Nicole's #THEREMIXES."
2. Post it to YouTube and your social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) using the #THEREMIXES for a chance to win a special meet and greet with Britt Nicole at an upcoming show!

Britt Nicole Thanks Fans & Announces Upcoming Contest

Britt Nicole posted this short, but sweet video today. In it, she thanks her fans for their support of "The Remixes." She also announces that she will be posting the rules for her upcoming contest SOON! Stay tuned! :)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NEW Britt Nicole Interview

 Check out this new Britt Nicole interview conducted by CCM! :)

Britt Nicole has spoken hope into the hearts and lives of teen girls and young women for years, but her biggest fans are smaller these days…much smaller. In addition to her musical accomplishments, she’s also added “second time mom” to the list. In this excerpt, we highlight a few questions about the new remix album, and how music plays into motherhood.

CCM: So why the remix album, and why now?

BRITT NICOLE: I wanted to give the fans some new music. I am working on a brand new record now, but until that comes out, I wanted them to have something new to enjoy. I also love to dance and thought it would be fun to reinvent some of these older songs and bring them back to life…I’m so happy with the way it turned out.

CCM: What is your favorite remix on the album?

BRITT NICOLE: I would say my it’s a tie between “Set The World On Fire” and “Holiday.” “Set The World On Fire” is one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written and it was on my first record, so I loved that we could bring it back to life. The remix that Neon Feather did truly inspires me and makes me smile. The “Holiday” remix by Mykidbrother is a bit more urban, and makes me want to roll down the windows on a sunny day!

CCM: Do you feel your target audience has changed, especially now that you’re growing a family of your own?

BRITT NICOLE: I feel like my demographic has grown but not changed. Yes, I can relate now with other wives and moms and learn from them, but my core audience is still teen girls. They are my heart!

CCM: What is your message to your audience, especially young girls?

BRITT NICOLE: I want to encourage these girls to live their dreams, to be all God has called them to be, and to rest in the Father’s arms because they are so infinitely loved.

CCM: How are you able to approach touring now?

BRITT NICOLE: It’s harder now, but in the middle of the challenge I know my work has purpose so that keeps me going. I feel blessed — my family gets to travel with me, and we do everything together. When I feel like I should stop, I know that comes from a place of feeling inadequate. My husband is always quick to remind me that God has called me to do this. Philippians 4:13 is a verse I cling to, I know it’s not time for me to stop making music, or touring, so we will just go as a family and make it happen.

I have been off the road for a few months waiting for Adin to arrive. Now that he is here, I will take some time with him and start touring again in the summer. I am stoked to get back out and start loving on all of the people that come to my shows. I make music for them so I can’t wait to see their faces.

Credit: http://www.todayschristianmusic.com/artists/britt-nicole/features/life-remixed/

"The Remixes": Available TODAY

TODAY IS THE DAY! We have patiently waited and now the release date of "The Remixes" is HERE! Make sure to go and pick up your copy TODAY! Britt Nicole and her team did a phenomenal job at making these older songs sound "fresh" and "brand new." What is your favorite remix so far? Don't forget to tell a friend!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Coming Soon: "The Sun is Rising (Horizon Remix) Music/Lyric Video

The good news keeps on coming! :) Not only will Britt Nicole's new remix album "The Remixes" be released tomorrow, but she will also be releasing a music/lyric video for "The Sun is Rising (Horizon Remix" very soon! :) Check out a clip of the new video below!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

NEW "Holiday (MyKidBrother Remix)" Preview

Yesterday evening, Britt Nicole's husband released yet another clip of the "Holiday (MyKidBrother Remix)." This has me even more excited for this remix! It was produced by Britt Nicole's husband and this short remix video clip was made by Jeff Hampton. 

There are only THREE DAYS left until the release of "The Remixes". Pre-order it NOW on iTunes and get your copy on March 17th, 2015. What remix are you most excited to hear?
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Gold (Lark Remix)" Preview

Britt Nicole released yet another sneak peek from her upcoming album "The Remixes." This time, she is giving us a peek at her remix of Gold (Lark Remix.) Click the video below to play it. Only one remix left to preview... All This time! :) What do you think? 

Don't forget to pre-order "The Remixes" on iTunes today. It will be officially released on March 17, 2015. :)

Happy 1 Month, Adin!

Adin Crosby is officially one month old! Look at that adorable smile! This precious little boy is growing so fast! :)

 Britt Nicole posted the picture above with the following caption:

"Can you believe I'm already 1 month old.....And I'm all smiles:) #lifeisgood #eatsleepdoitagain" - Britt Nicole

One Week Until the Release of "The Remixes"

We are officially ONE WEEK from the release of "The Remixes"! What song are YOU most excited about hearing? Comment below!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

10 Days Until The Release of "The Remixes"

That's right, Nicgolds! The release of Britt Nicole's album "The Remixes" is only TEN DAYS away! Make sure to pre-order your copy on iTunes NOW and blast all of the remix clips that you can until it is released on March 17, 2015! :)

Glow (JSAPP Remix) Preview

The remix clips keep coming! :) With the release of Britt Nicole's upcoming album "The Remixes" only TEN days away... it's no wonder that we are getting more and more sneak peeks of the new remixes! Today we have a sneak peek of Glow (JSAPP Remix) for you. Enjoy!

Don't forget to pre-order "The Remixes" on iTunes today. It will be officially released on March 17, 2015. :)

Britt Nicole Announces First Appearance of 2015

Britt Nicole and her friend Tiffany Thurston made an announcement yesterday regarding Britt Nicole's first announced appearance of 2015! Britt Nicole will be performing at Bloom in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 26-27, 2015. Bloom is a 2-day event for teen girls and college ladies to be encouraged, equipped, empowered, and inspired to become all God has created them to be.

You can register at ilovebloom.com. Tickets are $49.99 for General Admission and $99.99 for VIP Admission.

Friday, March 6, 2015

"Like a Star" (MyKidBrother Remix) Video Preview

This afternoon, Britt Nicole released a clip of another song from her upcoming album "The Remixes." This time, she released a clip of her "Like a Star (MyKidBrother Remix)." Like a Star has always been one of my FAVORITE Britt Nicole songs of all time and I have been DYING to hear a clip of this remix! :) The video features Britt Nicole's dancers Jeff and Laney. It was also produced by her husband Josh. What do you think? I am excited to hear the full remix! :)

Don't forget to pre-order "The Remixes" on iTunes today. It will be officially released on March 17, 2015. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

"The Sun is Rising (Horizon Remix) Preview

Earlier this morning, Britt Nicole released a clip of her song "The Sun is Rising (Horizon Remix) from her upcoming album "The Remixes." I love that the remix title is "Horizon Remix." So perfect for this song! ;) I know that many of our fans have been wanting to hear this specific remix! What do you think?

Don't forget to pre-order "The Remixes" on iTunes. It will be officially released on March 17, 2015.:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Set the World on Fire (Neon Feather Remix) Video Premiere

Here it is! The world premiere of Britt Nicole's "Set the World on Fire (Neon Feather Remix) video. This video is so amazing! It makes me want to just get up and dance! I especially like the glow sticks! Enjoy! :)

Pre-Orders for "The Remixes" Begin Today

Don't forget! Pre-orders for Britt Nicole's upcoming album "The Remixes" begin TODAY! Head on over to iTunes to pre-order your copy! Don't forget to tell a friend! :)

"The Remixes" will officially be released on March 17, 2015.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

PREVIEW: "Set the World on Fire" Remix Video

Hello, Nicgolds! We have an EXCITING post for you tonight! This evening, Britt Nicole released a preview of the first remix/lyric video from her upcoming album "The Remixes."

DON'T FORGET... The Remixes will be released on March 17th! Make sure to grab a copy for yourself & tell a friend! :) You can pre-order your copy starting March 3rd!