Saturday, February 15, 2014

Britt Nicole Performs at YouthQuake

We will update this post with more pictures & videos as they come available. :)

Britt Nicole & her band working out their phalanges (fingers). :)

 "Just bein a nerd!" - Britt Nicole
 "I'm away from my loves today, in Canada doing a show, but they sent me this pic this morning! :) I love my family! Thank you Jesus for the two best blessings in the world! :) my valentines!" - Britt Nicole
 "We r in the snow!!!!!" - Britt Nicole
 It was very chilly for their performance at Youthquake.
 Britt Nicole & Laney were excited for Youthquake!
 The scenery was absolutely gorgeous!
 "Valentine's day was a success! :)" - Britt Nicole

 "Thank you #youthquake for having us tonight!!:) it was FUN! :)" - Britt Nicole
One lucky fan caught this up close shot of Britt performing. What a BEAUTIFUL dress! :)
 Jelene got to meet AND interview the lovely Britt Nicole! Hopefully we will see it someday soon!
 Britt Nicole leading worship at Youthquake.
 A shot of the stage.
Jeff getting amped for the show! :)

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