Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Reminder from Britt Nicole To All of Her Fans

Britt Nicole left this sweet message for her fans today. :) I just love her!

"Hangin out yesterday morning @baristaparlor with @3strandsglobal :) so excited about all they are doing! Reminding women of their worth! I saw this sign there yesterday and thought I would snap a quick pic! :) I know Gold has been out for a couple years, but y'all have continued to support this record and that is a reminder to me that this song "Gold" is more than a song. It is a life long message, for us to remember our worth. It's so easy to get down on ourselves and see the worst but God sees our true worth even through our sin, sickness, brokenness, fear, hate, he sees it all...All the bad yet thought we were worth so much that He gave up His son that we might be saved! Remember your worth today! Love you!"

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