Saturday, May 9, 2015

"This Is Not a Test" Tour City Stops Released

Happy Saturday to you, lovely Nicgolds! Yesterday, Toby Mac released the official tour city stops for his "This is Not a Test" tour this fall. Britt Nicole and Colton Dixon will be joining him!

Britt Nicole's husband Josh confirmed yesterday that she WILL be performing NEW music on this tour! DON'T MISS IT! :)

Check out the tour dates below, and be sure to make it out to a show this fall! Is Britt Nicole coming to your area? Comment below! 

The tour will run October 1st - December 13th. 


Memphis, TN
Houston, TX
Hattiesburgh, MS
Elimira, NY
Boston, MA
Augusta, ME
Detroit, MI
Cincinnati, OH
St. Louis, MO
Valparaiso, IN
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Columbus, OH
Sioux Falls, SD
Madison, WI
Philadelphia, PA
New York City, NY
Fairfax, VA
Salisbury, MD
Miami, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Atlanta, GA
Baton Rouge, LA
Dallas, TX
Tulsa, OK
Charleston, WV
Greenville, SC
Louisville, KY
Nashville, TN

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  1. She's performing NEW MUSIC on this tour?! Okay, I'm really jealous now. LOL! :) I was disappointed when I realized Edmonton, AB isn't on the list of tour city stops. But I think tobyMac is planning another tour for Spring 2016, so...