Saturday, October 24, 2015

"This is Not a Test" Tour- Show #14 - Hoffman Estates, IL

Okay, Nicgolds, y'all are going to get an exclusive blog post today! My husband and I attended the show in Hoffman Estates, IL last night and IT. WAS. AMAZING! 

My husband and I arrived at the show at about 5:15 p.m. The venue told us to arrive an hour before the doors opened due to traffic and construction. After we parked, we basically just sat in our car for an hour because it was pouring rain. While we were waiting, my phone went off. It said that I had a new message. It was from Britt's husband Josh! He asked if my husband and I were going to be at the show tonight and then said that he and Britt would love to meet us and that he would bring us backstage after the show! I couldn't believe it... to say that I was excited would be an understatement! :)

Before we found our seats, I stopped at the merchandise table to make a few Britt Nicole purchases! ;) I bought the green "Ready or Not" shirt and the black and white "All This Time" shirt. I also bought HollyN's new CD! :) They had a variety of products... from a poster, to tour bundles, and all of Britt's cds.

The show started at 7:30 p.m. with HollyN. This girl's VOCALS are INSANE!

After HollyN, Colton Dixon came out. He did an awesome job as well!

Finally, it was time for Britt Nicole to come out! She hit the stage around 8:20 p.m. and absolutely ROCKED her set! She is one of the very few artists that I know that sounds even better LIVE than on CD! :) Her setlist for the night was as follows (in order):

1. Heart of Stone
2. Ready or Not
3. Set the World on Fire (Remix)
4. Holiday (Remix)
5. Watch Me Whip (Nae Nae)
6. All This Time
7. The Sun is Rising (Remix)
8. Be the Change
9. Gold
Last night was Ella's first stage debut. She wasn't afraid of the crowd at all and just did her thing! :)

After the show, Josh came to get us and brought us backstage. We went to a lounge sort of room to wait because Britt Nicole was currently meeting with the daughter of one of Skillet's band members. We chatted with Josh about their lives and our own lives. He was such a genuinely nice person and made us feel so welcome! He mentioned that Ella couldn't wait to go on stage last night and after every song she kept asking, "My turn, Daddy? My turn?" She couldn't wait to get out there and didn't show any fear at all! :) Then he brought us further backstage where we met Britt Nicole. 

She gave me a HUGE hug and said that she was gonna cry and it was amazing to meet me. I was just in awe because I don't feel like anyone special, but she and her husband made us feel so comfortable and special. She thanked me for running this website and said that it was such a blessing to her. They asked us about our lives and told us a little bit about their music ministry as well as the new album.  Her husband Josh is producing the album. She said that the record label doesn't have an official release date yet, but she gave me a possible month for the release. I'm not going to tell you guys the month because I want to keep that information private as it is not solidified yet... but BE EXCITED! :)

She did say that she has recorded about 60 songs so far for the new record, which isn't unusual. Artists record a ton of material and then have to narrow it down when the time comes to release the album. She told me that she has a board in her studio where she has listed the songs that she has recorded and the other day her daughter Ella Brave drew all over it. Haha! :)

She told me that she will be going to L.A. soon to record, write, have meetings, etc. and to pray for her as she will have to be away from her husband and kids. Also, please pray that God will guide her in the process. All in all, our conversation lasted about 40 MINUTES. It was so incredibly amazing! :) I got to meet her tour manager and her bandmate Rob. I also got to see Aaron (her drummer) and Jeff and Laney (her dancers.) The team was playing corn hole backstage! :) 

All in all, it was an AMAZING night and I will NEVER forget it! If you haven't bought your tickets to the "This Is Not a Test" tour, please go and see it soon. It really is worth the money and is such an amazing night of worship! Also, BRITT NICOLE will be there. Need I say more? :)

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  1. THIS IS THE CUTEST IM CRYING!!!! Britt is one of my favourite artists and one of my biggest idols, but unfortunately I live in the UK so I can't see her :( I'd love to talk to you!! Follow my Twitter? @mileynoticedme