Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Britt Nicole Summer Collection" To Release Soon

Hello, Royal Nation! The exciting news just keeps piling on! But hey, we won't complain! ;) Yesterday, Britt Nicole announced that she will be releasing a Britt Nicole Summer Collection with Scarlet & Gold Shop. They worked together to create a summer collection of must-have items that were all influenced, created, and designed, by the one and only Britt Nicole in coordination with the owners of Scarlet & Gold Shop. 

According to Britt Nicole, the Britt Nicole Summer Collection will contain "shirts, prints, flash tattoos... all kind of sweet goodies coming your way!" Today is "photoshoot day" for her upcoming collection, so keep checking back on our website. We will be posting sneak peeks and behind the scenes photos/videos from the photoshoot. GET EXCITED! :)

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