Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Pave" - Music Video Premiere

Britt Nicole surprised her fans today by releasing the music video for "Pave" one day early! It is absolutely breathtaking and phenomenal! She has so many different beautiful looks and, of course, Ella makes her appearance! It is an absolutely fantastic video and was premiered by Billboard! :)

"My daughter Ella is in this video because she is such a little adventurer," Nicole says. "She is always saying, 'Come on, Mommy, it will be fun!' Before the morning of the video shoot, it was raining out and she just put on her bathing suit and rain boots and said, 'Come on, Mom!'"  With an overabundance of inspiration from the creative direction of the video, it's no wonder Nicole showcases raw happiness and desire for exploration throughout the clip. "I love everything about the video -- the colors, the locations, the overall aesthetic and mood of 'Pave,' but what I love most is the call to adventure in it. That and sharing the camera with my princess!" (Billboard Interview)

Watch the video HERE: