Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Merchandise Added to Britt Nicole's Online Store

It's an exciting day for fans who could not make it to a show during Winter Jam! Britt Nicole has uploaded more of her tour merchandise to her online store. Check out the items below:

"Work of Art" Jacket: 

We will let you know when it is back in stock. :)

  PRE-ORDER your very own "Work of Art" jacket! All jackets will ship September 1, just in time for the first breeze of fall! :)  Every jacket is unique, every jacket is a true "Work of Art." The  jean jackets vary in color, making every single jacket special in its own way, just like you! The hand painted "Work of Art" logo on the back is a true reminder of who we are, a beautiful masterpiece. You will want to wear your custom jean jacket every day, not only because its cool and classic, but because it reminds you that you truly are a "Work of Art." 

Be the Change Phone Case (iPhone 6, 6S, and 7): $20

We never leave home without our phone, so let this case be a daily reminder, that even on the hard days, we will choose to Be the change. Black case with inspiring "Be the Change" logo in white. 

"Be the Change" Wristband: $7

Let this bracelet be a reminder to you and me that everyday, we have the power and the choice to be the change. Together we can make a difference....We are cheering you on!  

Which product(s) did you order?

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  1. I just looked at Britts Merch from her website and didn't see the Work Of Art Jacket. I saw the bracelet and phone case though. Even though they are sold out, it would still be there and it would say sold out. I have been waiting to get one since I saw them. Please explain...thanks!

    Also, I love your website! Thanks for creating it!

    Fellow Nicgold Fan ����✌️������