Monday, January 27, 2014

Glow EXCLUSIVE - "Brittany Waddell - EP & Follow the Call" EXCLUSIVE RARE PICTURES

Glow has obtained physical copies of both "Follow the Call" & the "Brittany Waddell - EP". We were SO excited to unbox these items and show all of our fans the exclusive and rare contents contained inside! :) Remember, these CD's were released prior to Britt Nicole being signed to Sparrow! :) So... without further ado, enjoy! :)
 A front shot of both "Brittany Waddell - EP" (2004) (left) & "Follow the Call" (2003) (right)

 The inside of "Follow the Call"
 The back of "Follow the Call"
Part of the "Follow the Call "CD booklet
Another part of the "Follow the Call" CD booklet
Inside of "Follow the Call", you will find the lyrics for each song as well as Britt Nicole's thank you's. :)

When you remove the CD, you will find this picture (above.)
"Brittany Waddell - EP"
The inside of "Brittany Waddell - EP"
The back of "Brittany Waddell - EP"

We hope that you have enjoyed these exclusive pictures! What is YOUR favorite song off of either of these CD's? :)

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