Friday, January 10, 2014

RARE Britt Nicole: "Follow the Call" CD and "Brittany Waddell - EP"

Here is a first look at Britt Nicole's EP "Brittany Waddell". This was released when she was an independent artist under MGS records (Hit Music Studios) prior to her signing with Sparrow Records

One fan is selling their copy of the CD for $300! Never fear! You do not have to pay that much money! We contacted Hit Music Studios back in September 2013. They offered us both CDs for $35.

"Brittany Waddell" tracklisting:

1. Rooftop
2. Free
3. Girl in the World
4. Buses and Trains
5. 1 from 99

Listen to a clip of 1 from 99 HERE:

Britt Nicole's first CD that she ever released was called “Follow the Call.” It was a 9-track CD released in 2003 by MGS Music. Not much is known about this album. However, we DO know that “Why?” (which was written by Britt Nicole’s brother, Bryn), “He Died”, “I Will Obey”, and “Buses & Trains" were four of the nine tracks contained on it.
Now they are planning on releasing both a hard copy and a digital copy for fans to order. Get excited! Soon you could have both of Britt Nicole's cds "Follow the Call" and her self-titled EP "Brittany Waddell". :D Will you buy them? Comment below!


  1. I want her CD SOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every Britt album is on my wish list!!!!!!!!!!

  2. For sale at and on itunes now!