Sunday, April 13, 2014

Britt Nicole Performs at Reachfest in Florida

As always, Glow is here to update you on everything Britt Nicole related! Here we have some photos and videos of her recent performance at Reachfest in Florida. Enjoy!

Have any photos/videos of your own from Reachfest? Send them to us at and we will post them here! :)
 "This is how we do #florida #team #blessed" - Britt Nicole
Britt Nicole with a fan at Reachfest.
Rhonda, Britt, & Laney on the beach
 Laney, Britt, & Jeff backstage at Reachfest
 Britt & Laney on the beach
" Be still and KNOW that I am God! He created the earth, the sea, the flowers, the animals , and YOU and ME! He holds it all in His hands. Don't be afraid! REST and know His love for you is deeper and wider than the ocean! He will NOT fail you friend! He has heard every prayer , even the ones you barely whispered! He will fulfill His promise over your life! Be still, stop striving, stop trying so hard, and wait, because His timing and plan is PERFECT! We don't understand everything now but we will one day, until then I speak hope and peace to you!" - Britt Nicole
" Ice cream shop"
- Britt Nicole
 "Before I stole @22jhamp hat !"
- Britt Nicole
"I love this princess! @laneyredmon #friendsforlife" - Britt Nicole
Rob, Tim, Jeff, & Phil clowning around at the merchandise table... love the classic Britt pose! :)
Phil & Aaron bringing it (as always) at Reachfest!
Britt & her crew once again brought it! :)
Britt Nicole performing Ready or Not at Reachfest (Captured by Kim)
Britt Nicole performing "Gold" (Captured by: Angel)
Jeff (Britt's backup dancer) stopping to take a selfie! Haha! :)
The crowd joining Britt Nicole in singing "Hanging On." (Captured by: Jasmina)
Britt Nicole finishing off "All This Time" with the crowd! :)

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