Saturday, August 30, 2014

Britt Nicole: Celebrate Freedom - Atlanta (OFFICIAL POST)

Britt Nicole will be performing at Celebrate Freedom:Atlanta tonight. She will take the stage at 8:30 p.m. (EST).

 Britt Nicole praying with a fan before the show. One of the MANY reasons that I love her... no place, no moment, no person is too far removed from God to stop in that moment and pray with.
Credit: @1047thefish
 Britt with Montell Jordan
Credit: @mrjordan1911
Britt Nicole signing autographs & meeting fans
Credit: @emtaylorofficial

"The calm before the storm. Getting ready to tear the roof off this place with @1047thefish and #celebratefreedom with @itsbrittnicole! #brittnicole" 
Credit: @55mgmt 
Britt performing Ready or Not.
Credit: @snowbunny0328
 Credit: @snowbunny3028

  Credit: @snowbunny3028
 "@itsbrittnicole looking great under the lights at #celebratefredom with @1047thefish tonight! good work @coryfournier and @tseilhamer...y'all make this show come to life. thank you! @lot35 your video work blows my mind in the daylight but when it's dark...dang son! so so cool! oh and @taylorgrubbs is shakin' the roof off this place with that low end. #loveit @labelivedotcom #brittnicole" 
Credit: @55mgmt
 Credit: @madeleine_loves_you
Credit: @sarahlecrenier16
Credit: @gjohnson_5
Credit: @sof_life
Credit: @snowbunny0328
Credit: @__hannahfaith

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