Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Britt Nicole to Announce Special Surprise Today

Britt Nicole was doing some late night Instagram posting last night. In one of her posts she announced that she will be sharing something special for her fans today! :) She also shared some behind the scenes information about her song "The Sun is Rising" and thanked her fans for their continued support of Gold, which continues to remain in the Top 100 on iTunes... 3 YEARS AFTER ITS RELEASE! We are so excited! :) What do you think her surprise will be? Comment below! You can also check out her posts below!

"So...I just happened to get on iTunes this past weekend to look at new music and saw that you awsome people are keeping the gold record in the top 100 on the Pop charts. Yall this record has been out for 3 years. Just want you to know that this means a lot to me and I'm so excited to share something really special with you tomorrow! :) stay tuned." - Britt Nicole

""The Sun is Rising" ...., some of you just sent me comments on how this song is helping you during a hard time in your life. I just wanna tell you that I wrote it when I was walking through a terrible battle with fear. God is bigger than anything we face! As my friend @abattle216 says, " He's got you" #thesunisrising"

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