Friday, January 30, 2015

"The Lost Get Found" Featured in Upcoming Movie Trailer

Britt Nicole's songs continue to make their way into films. In 2014, Britt Nicole's song "The Sun is Rising" was featured in the movie "The Other Woman." Now Britt Nicole's song "The Lost Get Found" has made its way into another movie called "Pass the Light."

"Pass The Light follows a 17 year old H.S student name Steve Bellafiore (Cameron Palatas) who runs for Congress because he is disturbed by the message of hatred and intolerance espoused by the popular candidate Franklin Baumann (Jon Gries). Steve and his friends start a campaign called Pass The Light in order to unite the community and spread the message of tolerance and love." (Source) 

You can watch the trailer for the movie below, which features Britt Nicole's song "The Lost Get Found." Make sure to go and see this movie when it opens on February 6th!

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  1. OMGOSH I had no idea her song was featured in "the other woman" bcuz I haven't seen that movie but I really hope that her songs bring people to the LORD I love her! Thank you for making this FanSite! I lover her