Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Best Places to Dance to Britt Nicole's "The Remixes" published an AWESOME article about Britt Nicole's new album "The Remixes." They came up with 5 of the best places to enjoy Britt Nicole's new CD. Check out the article below! :)

"Britt Nicole’s newest album THE REMIXES was just released and I’m excited to crank up these upbeat tracks. These are great to jam to and bring some fun into your day! The album features 12 songs that have been remade to bring you a new experience with some of your favorite songs. Check out the new album here:
Here are the five best places to dance to Britt Nicole’s THE REMIXES.

5. At Work: “Holiday”

Can’t wait for your vacation? Treat yourself to this song as you work away. Who cares if you are bopping your head and dancing through the office. You may feel like you are going crazy at work, but you can take a little break and kick back with an extra cup of coffee.

4. At the Gym or Playing Sports: “Amazing Life”

Looking for a great song to get you pumped up as you conquer the weights? Blast this in your headphones (or be brave and crank it up through the speaker system). Let this beat flow through your veins. You are “gonna walk on air, gonna take flight” with each push up, lunge, squat and rep you do.

3. In the Car: “Ready Or Not”

Ready or not world, here you come! I give you permission to block out the car next to you and sing as loud as your off tune voice will go. Don’t mind your kids or friends laughing at you. Ready. Set. Go! Make the most of a cross-country road trip as these awesome lyrics flow through you.

2. In the Kitchen: “Gold Remix”

You finally have a day off and are drawn to the kitchen! Cook up a royal feast for breakfast and continue on prepping a mouth-watering lunch and don’t forget dessert. Ah, the sounds and smells of cooking renew your spirit and let the stress from work fly away. Your masterpiece five-layer chocolate cake is complete. The daunting task of cleaning the kitchen comes next, but it’s not as challenging when you are sweeping, wiping and filling the dishwasher to the beat of the “Gold Remix”. Everyone knows that kitchen floors make the best dance floors!

1. At the Beach: “Set the World On Fire”

Going to a beach party? You have to let loose when you are jammin’ to “Set the World on Fire,” so start dancing around the bonfire, pass out glow sticks and start twirling them around! Throw them high as though your dreams are soaring above you. Remember that your dreams can become reality, so dance and let go of your fears as you race across the beach."

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