Friday, October 7, 2016

"Britt Nicole" Officially Released!

It doesn't seem real, but thank goodness it is! Britt Nicole's newest album "Britt Nicole" is OFFICIALLY available for purchase! Do your ears and heart a favor and grab yourself a copy! I feel like this is the most raw and real that Britt Nicole has ever been! There are so many songs that hit you right in the feels, but there are many other songs that will lift you up and will help your spirit to soar! Her vocals are on a completely different level on this album... She really showcases the endless possibilities of her vocal range in so many different ways! This is her best album yet... Don't miss out on the goodness! My favorites (as of right now) are: Work of Art, Fallin in Love, No Filter, Better, All Day, After You, Concrete, and Heart of Stone (that RAP THOUGH)! What are YOUR favorites? Comment below! It was SO INCREDIBLY worth the wait! Britt, Josh, and the rest of the Capitol team... I am BLOWN AWAY by these songs that you have poured your hearts into! What a gift to listen to! :)

Check out album information and links to purchase below:

  1. Through Your Eyes   
2. All The Money   
3. Better   
4. Work of Art   
5. Fallin In Love   
6. Be The Change   
7. All Day   
8. Pave   
9. No Filter   
10. Girls Night Out   
11. After You   
13. Heart of Stone (DELUXE EDITION ONLY)  
 14. Electric Love (DELUXE EDITION ONLY)



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