Saturday, October 22, 2016

Britt Nicole's E! Online Interview

Niko La Mere

Today might be National Make a Difference Day, but for some stars like Britt Nicole, the desire to make a difference happens every day.

The Nashville singer, who dropped her self-titled album earlier this month, has become known for her vulnerable approach with her music and her fans, completely opening up and using the music to talk about her scars in hopes of inspiring and uplifting others.
And when talking with E! News exclusively, Nicole explains how she finds the strength to air all of her struggles so publicly.

"People want real, and they can see when you are not real. I only know how to be honest and authentic with my fans. Every song I write is written from heart about my struggles, my fears, my hopes and dreams. We all hurt and we all have struggles, but when we are transparent about them, that's when we are able to connect with other people," she tells us.

"I just want to love people and see their lives change for the better. We are all vehicles for change in our own ways, and I draw my strength from the hope that maybe something I say will get someone to finally see themselves for all they are worth."

 Niko La Mere

Nicole, who is about to start the first leg of her tour next month, shares that her latest project took four years to complete. "A lot of life happened in those four years so this record took much more time to make than my previous records," she tells E! News.

"I worked on this record in LA, Nashville and while on tour. I loved working with so many amazing songwriters and producers, it was such an inspiring and creative experience."

And although it's difficult to pick her favorite track from the album, Britt shared that there is one song she can't help but admire more than the rest. "That's a loaded question but I would have to go with 'Be the Change.' It's an anthem and it's incredibly powerful to perform. I feel like the atmosphere changes when the first note drops!"

(In fact, Be the Change has become a movement!)

Along with trying to spark a difference on a larger scale, Britt Nicole also wants to help on a smaller scale, too, and shared what she does to turn her mood around, in case someone needs to brighten up their day.

"I listen to music, pray, and call someone that really knows and loves me (usually my brother). It's so important to stay immersed in a community of people who know you and will instinctively build you up in your moments of uncertainty, brokenness and insecurity," she tells us.

Britt Nicole concludes, "I hope that every day I have an opportunity to show broken, hurting people that they are loved and not alone, that someone sees them. I also hope to inspire people to live out their dreams, that nothing is too big or too far for them. No matter your circumstances or platform, you can change the world."

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