Thursday, July 31, 2014

Britt Nicole: Creation Fest Northwest (OFFICIAL POST)

Britt Nicole & her team will be taking the stage tonight at 7:20 p.m. in Kennewick, WA at Creationfest: Northwest. We can't WAIT to see how God uses them! :)

Britt Nicole & her team (along with their gear) arrive at their airport "ready to do work." 
Credit: @philmobass
The crew on the way to soundcheck. Here you can see Britt Nicole & Aaron in the background while her bass player Phil enjoys an HERBALIFE drink. :)
Credit: @philmobass
"The best pop drink ever made, I'm enjoying it." - Britt Nicole
Credit: @itsbrittnicole
"So beautiful here! :)" - Britt Nicole
Credit: @itsbrittnicole 
"We headed to @creationfest Washington! :) get ready peoples! :) we love our fans!!!! We make music for you!!!!!!" - Britt Nicole
Credit: @itsbrittnicole
Laney & Britt Nicole enjoying a Watermelonade before tonight's show! :)
Credit: @laneyredmon
Phil, Tim, Rob, & Britt Nicole on the way to the show
 Credit: @itsbrittnicole
 Credit: @ashweeeeeeeeeez
Credit: @carisawalter

Credit: @isabellemcguire
 Credit: @bunnyfoofoo47
Credit: @_ashley_estelle
Credit: @elizabethparkhotyuk
Credit: @missmaddyfaith
Credit: @charleskoh_
Credit: @charleskoh_
Britt with a fan backstage after the show.
Credit: @shnobeltone
Britt signing autographs for fans
Credit: @martihexum

"Soooo, this just happened!!!! Not only did she sign my phone and have a conversation with me, she also let me take a selfie with her!!! She is one of my biggest inspirations and her music is so touching. I cannot believe I got the opportunity to meet my favorite artist...thank you God!!! #BrittNicole #Soblessed #stillinshock #CreationFestival2014"
Credit: @_yennn14 
  Credit: @shaylahopes

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