Friday, July 11, 2014

Buy a Shirt... Help End Human Trafficking!

A message from Britt Nicole:

"Hey friends! I got this t-shirt in the mail a few days ago from a dear friend @kellitrontel ! @kelliandvanessa created this shirt as a reminder that the time and attention we pour into our children's lives matters. Our legacy is the story we are writing together, chapters full of boundless hope and unconditional love. I'm telling you it could not have come on a better day. I was having a moment where I just felt not good enough, overwhelmed, tired, and discouraged. But God is so good to know what we need at the right moment. Thank you @kelliandvanessa for making this shirt! I could not wait to put it on! 

It really is a reminder that every moment spent pouring into the lives of the people you love matters. I feel special when I wear it! And it's not just for moms it's for everyone and anyone who wants to leave a legacy of love! So seriously you should get one and support my friends and also you will feel like a million bucks when u wear it! Not discouraged, not "not enough" but excited about the small things and big things you do to show your love! Also it's cute and comfy! And ....if you purchase one, $5 is donated to A21 to put an end to human trafficking. Because she is someone's daughter, sister, mother! Support my friends yall and buy a shirt that makes a difference in your life and in the life of someone else!"

You can buy a shirt here:

$5 of each purchase will be donated to A21 to help end human trafficking. :)

What are  you waiting for? Let's LOOK LIKE LOVE! :)

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