Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Release Tuesday: Creation Fest Write-Up

New Release Tuesday recently wrote a summary of Day 3 of Creation Fest. They wrote a wonderful piece about Britt Nicole's set. :) You can see her portion of the article below:

"Britt Nicole’s main stage set was the realization of prominently featuring a female artist that I’d been praying for the past few years. Britt has the gift of encouragement, and every single song lifts me up. She opened with high energy songs "Amazing Life" and "Ready Or Not," which is uplifting and mission-minded with the lyrics "giving everything to see the lost get found" leading to the chorus— "Ready or not here I come, I'm about to show you where the Light comes from."

Britt's favorite Scripture passage is 1 Chronicles 28:20 which she says reminds her daily of God's calling on her life. "All This Time" has a sincere autobiographical style where Britt shares her testimony of when she was first met God and celebrates her salvation in Christ. It's the type of song that I've come to really love from Britt's albums in the style of "Set The World On Fire." Britt picked up where she left off with "The Lost Get Found," with a great mix of different styles, heating up and cooling down with every song a great showcase of Britt's excellent singing voice.

"Look Like Love" is a wonderful song of encouragement to live as a light and know that in Christ we can do anything. God will never fail us or forsake us until the work of the Lord is finished. Britt belted out the awesome chorus "I want to look like Love, be more than just enough for the hearts that are broken, coming undone, It's up to you and me to leave a legacy, if we're all they ever see, I want to look like Love." She then spoke over the crowd and prayed for us to look like Love, which was a wonderful benediction.

"Breakthrough" has a contemplative feel to open the song, leading to an explosive chorus which had us hanging on every note as Britt built to the lyric "I can feel a breakthrough coming."

"Gold" opens with the lyrics"You were walking on the moon, now you're feeling low, what they said wasn't true, you're beautiful. Sticks and stones break your bones, I know what you're feeling. Words like those won't steal your glow... you're worth more than gold."

My daughters are more precious than anything in the world to me and to their Heavenly Father. "Gold" is a great anthem to celebrate the biblical Truth from Psalm 139, that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." That truly was the theme of day three, and these three super talented female artists all sang songs about finding our identity in Christ."

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