Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day! (NEW PHOTOS)

We here at GLOW wanted to take the time to wish a happy Father's Day to Josh! Josh, we pray that God will continue to guide you as you lead your family. May you be blessed in every way and may you continue to grow as a spiritual leader for your beautiful wife and kids! :) 

It has been a wonderful day of celebration for the Crosby family. They took some time to post their sentiments and some sweet photos on their Instagrams. Check out their posts below! :)

Britt posted the above picture after quickly removing the top picture, saying:
"I wanted a new picture ha ha! So just took this one :) HAPPY FATHERS DAY BOO!!!! we love you sooo much!!!!! Your a wonderful daddy!" - Britt Nicole

She also posted a photo & note of thanks to her dad, Marty!

"Happy Father's Day dad! :) I love you!" - Britt Nicole


However, Josh wasn't the only one receiving some Father's Day love. He took some time to write a sweet little note about his lovely wife. Check it out below! :)

"I know it’s Father’s Day but this girl has encouraged me and loved me into the father I am! I love you @itsbrittnicole your my everything! Thank you for always being my “partner in crime”." - Joshua Crosby


Britt & Josh ended their Father's Day celebration with what they call "the best pizza in town"... Desano's! :)

"Love this! @itsbrittnicole and I out for Father's Day getting the best pizza in town! Desano's!" - Joshua Crosby

We are so thankful for this beautiful family & pray God's greatest blessings on them!

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