Tuesday, June 9, 2015

K-Love Fan Awards 2015

Hello, Nicgolds! I apologize for the delayed post. I was unable to watch the K-Love Fan Awards this year because I was on vacation.  :( Unfortunately I was unable to capture any interviews or videos like I usually do, which I am pretty bummed about.

I have been searching the internet for videos and photos, but unfortunately this year Britt seemed to lay more low than last year. I have posted everything that I have found regarding Britt Nicole's appearance at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. Enjoy! :)

*If you have any photos/videos to add, please send them to us at brittnicoleglow@yahoo.com. Thanks!*

Britt Nicole surprised everyone with a special appearance to present the award for "Best Live Show" to For King & Country. :) 
(There were so many reposts of this photo that I am unsure who the original poster was. If it was you, let me know and I will happily give you credit! :))

Pablovillatoro posted this photo of Blanca (@officialblanca) and Britt Nicole (@itsbrittnicole) saying:

 "The world isn't ready for these two!! Blessed to call them fam! @officialblanca @itsbrittnicole #KLOVEFanAwards"

You might have recognized Britt Nicole's dress this year... it just might be the same dress that she wore during her photo shoot for the original Gold album! :)

Britt Nicole took the time to take a photo with her friend Blanca, saying: "Tonight was so fun! Loved seeing my girl @officialblanca!"

This lucky fan (@jaspersong2song) got to meet Britt Nicole at the K-LOVE Fan Awards! 
He said,  "Meeting this lady was just one of the many highlights of the #klovefanawards. She was super approachable and friendly. It was surreal to get to hear a little of her heart and get some encouragement.The one and only Miss @itsbrittnicole. #wcw #gold"

@kensyk posted this awesome video which features Britt Nicole announcing "For King & Country" as the winner of "Best Live Show." :)

What was YOUR favorite part of the K-LOVE Fan Awards?

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