Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Britt Nicole is Thankful for... Her Fans

That's right, Royal Nation! Britt Nicole dedicated one of her thankful posts to YOU! On top of that, she posted a video on her Youtube account chronicling some of the fans that she has met during the past two tours! Check it out and see if you can find yourself in it! :) Check out her post and video below! 

"#31daysofthankfulness continues .... Today I'm thankful for you, my fans, or as I like to say, my FRIENDS! I absolutely could not do this without you! You are the reason we make music! We hope to bring you joy, life, truth and love through every song and every hug! Hahaha We absolutely LOVE YOU and BELIEVE IN YOU and WE BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS! Thank you for your constant support and friendship! Let's change the world together! Me and @22jhamp made this video for you"

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