Saturday, May 14, 2016

Britt Nicole is Thankful for... Laney

Britt Nicole has met and worked with a lot of people during the course of her career. However, she is especially thankful for her back-up dancer/friend/"sister" Laney Redmon! Check out her sweet post about Laney below as well as the silly video that they recorded at 3 a.m. after a few months of being on tour. Hey, a girl is bound to go slap-happy crazy at some point! :)

"#31daysofthankfulness Today I'm thankful for my sis, my friend, my tour buddy @laneyredmon !!!! We are always laughin and actin crazy and it just makes life on the road that much more fun!!!!!! We made this video at 3am by the way, after we had been on tour for a few months, so we were pretty much just out of it!!!! #sillyforever #laughterisagoodmedicine #sallysallywally #horsesthatflyinthenight"


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