Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Britt Nicole is Thankful for... Her Mother

Britt Nicole's thankful posts have been inspiring many of her fans all over the world to be thankful as well. I don't know about you, but I have enjoyed reading her thoughts on life. They have allowed me to be more reflective each day on the blessings (both big and small) that God has laid out for me. Thanks Britt! :) Check out the story behind the journal in the picture above below!

"#31daysofthankfulness continues today with being thankful for my mom! @sheilawigo  I know it's not Mother's Day yet, but this is an early post to love on her. Mom bought me this notebook, and it has been getting me through this season of life. I use it to write songs, make to do lists, and write down what I feel God is speaking to me!!! Making this record has, at times, seemed impossible to complete. Sometimes it feels like I'm balancing so many things that my brain has no space to create. My mom has always been there to encourage me and this little notebook has been a reminder that it will get done! Haha. Even if I have to work til 3am like I did last night! :) My mom is incredible for so many reasons, but it's not what she does that makes her so special, it's who she is. She is a woman of love, strength, and grace! Your beauty is radiant, and your smile lights up a room! Never believe anything but that! I love u so much! Thank for taking us to the beach a few weeks ago, thank you for loving your family so well, and thank u for being you! Your beautiful."

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