Friday, June 27, 2014

Britt Nicole at Creation Fest 2014 (OFFICIAL POST)

Britt Nicole will be performing at Creation Fest tonight. She will be on the Main Stage from 5:50-6:35 p.m. 

Here it is! The first shot of Britt Nicole at Creation Fest. She is getting ready to hit the stage soon! :) Credit: @dglunt34

 Britt Nicole performing Ready or Not! 
Credit: @antessm13

Credit: @antessm13

Ready or Not Credit: @theeverydayjoys

Ready or Not 
Credit: @elliotc6

 Credit: @cjweidman

 Credit: @cjweidman
Credit: @cjweidman

Credit: @ehawkes92 

Britt performing Amazing Life
Credit: @laineey96

Credit: @wealllovebrittnicole

 Credit: @philmobass

 Credit: @crystal4911

 Britt with some fans backstage.  
Credit: @laura20v
Britt Nicole with another fan.
Credit: @alexcolossus
"So for anyone that knows me, also knows that I adore Britt Nicole. I cannot believe God had blessed my day so much to be able to meet my idol. MY IDOL. I can't explain how happy, I am. My face looks awkward in this because as she walked up to me I was balling my eyes out... And then as soon as I calmed down she looked at me have me a hug and told me "Tamika, don't you cry. I believe in you. Everything you do I believe in. And you are such a beautiful girl, don't, you are and I want you to dream big okay?". And then after that I cried more and took a picture. And then called my mom crying to tell her what had happened. I still can't calm down. Tbh, I'm sure britt won't really remember this moment, but I know I will, and everything that she had told me. God works in magical ways. Today absolutely amazing. @itsbrittnicole thank you so much. #idol #brittnicole #jesusloves" 
Credit: @tumeekuh 

"Me and @itsbrittnicole again before her show! I just have to say she is gorgeous! #brittnicole #gorgeous #creation #creationfest2014 #creationfest #creation2014" 
Credit: @dglunt34

"This super busy woman made time to take a picture with me. Not only does she have hoppin' music that @heatherseet @kristen__allen and I love, she's also super sweet and kind. Thanks @itsbrittnicole #creation #creationfest #brittnicole" 
Credit: @toria_loves
"Just made a crazy decision to go out by the gates and Britt Nicole was there she's so sweet and incredible #CreationFest #brittnicole #selfie"
Credit: @jourdannh


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