Sunday, June 29, 2014

Britt Nicole: Freedom Fest 2014 (OFFICIAL POST)

Britt Nicole will be performing the third stop of her summer tour tonight at Freedom Fest. The event runs from Noon - 9:30 p.m. It will feature great food, fun, music, and, to top it off, FIREWORKS!

The music line-up for tonight is listed below:

Matthew West
Britt Nicole
For King & Country
City Harmonic
Josh Wilson
All Things New
Love & The Outcome
Joanna Beasley
Bryan Watt (American Idol)
CC Worship
Austin Adamec
Abigail Duhon

Britt Nicole's team has been working hard. 3 festivals in 3 days plus long flights = an extremely tired Britt Nicole Band! In case you are wondering, Britt Nicole is in the top right photo leaning on the airplane tray table sleeping. :)

Credit: @c_gat

 Credit: @iwasnttolkientoyou

 Credit: @tseilhamer
Credit: @thebriannagarrett

Credit: @minerva0923
Credit: @imheatherw
 Credit: @c_gat
Credit: @c_gat

Britt with a fan backstage.
Credit: @baptistness
Britt Nicole backstage with Joanna Beasley & a security guard
Credit: @bigdaddypedals


After the concert, Britt Nicole was scheduled to do a Meet & Greet. Unfortunately, 3 days and 3 festivals + the Florida heat wore her body down. She got sick & overheated after her concert. Please join us in praying that she will feel much better soon! We are so thankful for all of the Kingdom work that she does! :)

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