Thursday, June 12, 2014

Britt Nicole & Her Team Rehearse for Upcoming Summer Tour

Britt Nicole has been rehearsing like CRAZY this past week to prepare for her summer shows. Her first show of the summer will be a week from today at the Alive Festival. She & her team have been working SO hard & are feeling the long hours! Make sure to send them an encouraging post/tweet/message to uplift them as they prepare! :)

Below is a video of Britt Nicole's dancer Jeff dancing while Britt is singing in the background during rehearsals.

"Freestyling to Britt Nicole in a raincoat. #rehearsalweek #summer #festivalseason" - Jeff

"Been rehearsing non stop, I be tired." - Britt Nicole

"Rehearsal week. #brittnicole #festivalseason #bigthingscoming" - Jeff

"A kitten with a gold chain" - Britt Nicole
 "Ella's with mommy at rehearsal today and learning to play guitar!" - Britt Nicole

 "This was not posed #forrealasleep" - Britt Nicole

 "Just picked up one of our new ROYALTY hats! You can get one at summer festivals starting this weekend! :)" - Britt Nicole

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