Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Britt Nicole Keeping Busy

Despite the start of her two month break from touring, Britt Nicole's life has not been slowing down at all. In fact, she has been busy finalizing her new upcoming album (to be released this fall) as well as rehearsing for the "This is Not a Test" tour, which kicks off October 1st. Today, Britt Nicole gave her fans a glimpse of just how busy her daily life has been lately.  Check out her photo (above) and post (below.)

"Been up since 4:30! Trained at 6am, then went to the grocery store to get food for the fam, then had a call with my manager, then my A&R, now to the studio to Work! Then to take the kids out on a date tonight! Ha ha! Coffee needed!"

She also posted a photo of herself (well, her knees haha) in the studio. Her comments on the new song that just recorded? See below.

"This new song is cray" - Britt Nicole
Thankfully, Britt Nicole got a quick break to spend some time with Ella. :)

"Took a little break from the studio and grabbed some iced coffee and choc mil with this one! What a treasure she is!" -  Britt Nicole

Let's make sure to pray for Britt in this crazy busy but sweet season of life.Will you join us? :)

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