Friday, July 24, 2015

Britt Nicole Shares a Special Birthday Message About Ella

As most of you know, today is Britt & Josh's daughter's SECOND birthday! It is hard to believe! I feel like we JUST posted about Britt giving birth to her and here Ella is, growing up before our very eyes! :) 

Britt Nicole took some time today to share a special birthday message with her fans for her daughter Ella. She shared some sweet insights into what Ella likes to do and what her personality is like. Check it out below! :)

"Today is my princess ELLA BRAVE's BIRTHDAY!!! She is 2 today! This is a picture of us on an early flight headed somewhere, not sure where we were headed to that time. This is a pic of who Ella is. No matter what time we wake her up to jump on flight to go to another show, or studio, she is happy and excited! She is the most loving baby girl, always hugging and kissing me, daddy, and brother! God has given her a special gift to comfort and love people! It's so sweet. She loves to dance, loves music, loves cookies, loves rice, and loves to wrestle! I love watching her grow and feel so blessed to be her mommy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE GIRL!"
- Britt Nicole

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