Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Britt Nicole Reviews the Book "The Chase"

As many of you know, my favorite author is Karen Kingsbury. She has a daughter named Kelsey Kupecky who is married to Kyle Kupecky, a Christian singer (formerly of the band Anthem Lights.) Kyle and Kelsey have an amazing love story that reminds me of my own journey with my husband. They are releasing a new book about that journey and how to let the right guy chase you. It will be released September 1st. 

Books always have book reviews (usually by well-known or famous people). When I looked at the back of this book, guess whose name I saw? BRITT NICOLE! Britt has been a friend to the Kingsbury's/Kupecky's for quite awhile now. They even attended her wedding back in 2012! :) SO COOL! Anyways, I am so excited for this book and believe that God will use it mightily in the lives of young women every where. Please pre-order this book! 

YOU WON'T WANNA MISS IT! Even Britt Nicole says so! ;)

"Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky couldn't have dreamed a better love story for themselves had it been scripted by a bestselling novelist like Kelsey's mom, Karen Kingsbury. In fact, if you asked them, Kyle and Kelsey would name God as the author of their story. And they're glad they trusted him to write it for them.  Unfortunately, too many girls hoping for their own happily-ever-after have taken matters into their own hands, chasing after boys when they should be chasing after God. And that inevitably leads to heartache, low self-esteem, and poor choices as girls give in to pressure from media and peers to look and act a certain way to attract guys.  Kyle and Kelsey want girls to know that it's never too late to trust God with their love lives, that wherever they are, there's always hope for the future. Through their own story and the stories of others who long for love, they show girls how to put God first, how to value and protect their purity, how to deal with loneliness and bullying, and how to see themselves as God does--a one-in-a-million girl who deserves no less than God's best."

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